A Texas high school football stadium was built on a graveyard in 1935.

I n 1935, a cemetery that had fallen into disrepair was moved to make room for a stadium in San Saba, which is known as the Pecan Capital of the World. However, not all of the bodies were moved, and over the years, both tombstones and remains have been found under the playing surface, according to multiple reports that also say as much as 50 bodies may still buried under the field.  

On Thursday, Texas Football Life, which has multiple social media accounts devoted to the culture of football in the state, asked its followers on Twitter: “Would you play on a field that could have bodies underneath it?” The graphic included with the tweet says, “Creepy But True.”

At least they have a sense of humor about it. AFAIC, economic reuse makes sense.

GOP “Commitment to America” doesn’t include learning how to navigate the Web

They simply flipped documentary footage from Russia

House Republican leaders on Friday unveiled their “Commitment to America” agenda for 2023 ― and with it, an inspirational video full of scenes presented as exceptional imagery of America that were actually stock footage from Russia and Ukraine.

The GOP’s video, “The Preamble to the Commitment to America,” opens with a narrator highlighting aspects of what it means to be an American.

“We celebrate the rich heritage of the American story and the vibrancy of the American Dream,” the voice says, over footage of a drilling rig at sunrise.

But this video snippet, an apparent nod to America’s natural resources, wasn’t filmed in America. It’s stock footage created by Serg Grbanoff, a filmmaker based in Russia.

This bumped Jennifer Bendery’s curiosity enough to start her looking around, checking on productions on other websites “designed” to build the online presence of leading Republicans. Turds like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy.

Consistent mistakes. Guess they just discovered the Web

Thanks, Ray K.