Fast Car

I just spent the damndest Saturday night in years. After supper and a shower, I sat and watched over three hours of music videos.

Now, there ain’t much of anything in this century I found worth watching. I admit it must be around here, somewhere. Maybe next time I look, I’ll find something.

So, even though I went way, way back…this is one from later than my days of spending lots of time making music. And very, very good.

I’m a man…

Driving home from school, sunshiny spring afternoon, sun shining on a nation run by old white men fronting for money. I was president of a rock’n roll club called – believe it or not – The Rolling Stones. 1955. Time before some kids in England also named themselves after Otis Blackwell’s DADDY ROLLING STONE. Founding that club got me “on the bench” in the principal’s office every lunch period for a couple of weeks. “Why can’t you listen to music by white people?”

1955. And this came on the radio.

I had to pull over and park by the side of the road. Happy and sad, crying and hammering the steering wheel. Blues and bad, sex and resentment of racism all over this pitiful land.

Have mercy!

I had none to give…

Sad But True

Music has always been part of my life. I became a student of classical piano when I was 5 years old. When I was 13, I switched to jazz trombone. My piano instructor never spoke to me, again.

7 or 8 years later, I picked up on strings…finalizing taste; but, not style, with a 12-string guitar. And singing. I loved it…loved performing. By then, I already had stage presence from performances of poetry and jazz. My poetry and a band I drove nuts because the music I heard in my head behind my poetry was Monk. Thelonius, that is. The band I presented with most often liked Monk; but, never played his music, his style. One more reason I had to make my own music.

I enjoyed about 17 years, singing and playing. This is all in aid of explaining my devotion to music. That’s all. I stopped performing. Nothing especially interesting about that. My love of all (well, almost all) forms, styles, traditions in music never stopped.

Have to say, in general, I can relate, feel a kinship with being driven in a performance. Being wholly immersed in performing. This is a song I would have loved 20 or 30 years before it was written. Yes, singing and playing unaccompanied 12-string.

Just drinking in the park

Bruce Springsteen pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges he imbibed alcohol at New Jersey’s Sandy Hook National Recreation Area, despite knowing it was prohibited…

The plea came after federal prosecutors agreed to drop charges that Springsteen was operating a vehicle under the influence and driving recklessly, charges Assistant US Attorney Adam Baker said the government would not be able to prove.

“The evidence we reviewed indicates that after the defendant’s arrest, he submitted to a breath test at the ranger station, and his BAC reading was .02, which as the court is aware is well under the legal limit of .08,” Baker said.

…The prohibition on alcoholic drinks at Sandy Hook was two years old, and noting Springsteen’s otherwise clean criminal record, Judge Anthony Mautone sentenced The Boss to pay a $500 fine plus $40 in court fees.

Over-ambitious copper. Folks running the court had more sense.

Is this a brand worth buying?

With extremely rare exception, I watch Fox NOTHING! If they approached reasonable humanity, someday, in the political management of their content, I’d consider changing my attitude. Of course.

There is also no shortage of great sports programming, short fiction, long-form film-making, musical entertainment…you name it…to be found within the multiplicity of channels streaming from watchable sources available damned near everywhere. More than I can keep up with.

So, screw the pricks sucking up advertising dollar$ that benefit the current and future waves of fascist, racist, bigoted ideology that keeps the shit-end of human beings from being as poverty-stricken as their hearts and cruel minds.

Spring is almost here…

When it’s warm enough to wear my headphones, I wear them almost every walk. Thing is, I only like over-ear headphones and they hardly ever work with anything I’m wearing to keep my noggin warm in cool or downright cold weather. The only headgear I have that works is pretty lightweight…my Mr. Robot cap.

Warm enough, today, to jumpstart the season. And Ziggy is always one of my first choices.

Felt [just a bit] like spring, today

I love when it gets warm enough that I don’t need a big knit hat to keep my noggin warm. That’s what kind of a day it was, today, here in northern New Mexico.

Yes, I know a bunch of the GOUSA and Canada were dealing with piles of snow falling from the sky. Here in La Cieneguilla, it was 50 degrees F, barely a southern breeze. I hauled out my headphones and did all my exercise walking with nothing more on my head than my Mister Robot cap and, as usual – to start the walking musical season off – Aerosmith.