Solar Snake

The ESA-NASA Solar Orbiter mission captured this timelapse video of a “solar snake” crossing the surface of the Sun. The snake is a tube of plasma cooler than its surroundings, suspended by magnetic fields. It took about three hours for the snake to make the journey seen in the video, traveling at about 170 kilometers per second (106 miles per second). A plasma eruption then came from the region where the snake originated, raising the possibility that the two events were linked. The images of the solar snake were captured on Sept. 5, 2022, and this video was published by ESA on Nov. 4, 2022.Video: ESA / NASA / Solar Orbiter / EUI Team / Frédéric Auchère, IAS

Comfortably Numb

When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse

Out of the corner of my eye

I turned to look but it was gone

I cannot put my finger on it now

The child is grown, the dream is gone

I have become comfortably numb

Trumpty Dumpty

The Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post and Wall Street Journal ― both previous boosters of Donald Trump ― put the blame for the GOP’s less-than-stellar showing in the 2022 midterm elections squarely on the former president and his choice of candidates…

Analysis from Post columnist John Podhoretz declared the GOP’s “red trickle” in the elections was down to Trump’s “terrible candidates” who “dragged Republicans down.”

The Journal’s editorial board, meanwhile, on Wednesday dubbed Trump “the Republican Party’s biggest loser.”

“Trumpy Republican candidates failed at the ballot box in states that were clearly winnable,” the board wrote. “Since his unlikely victory in 2016 against the widely disliked Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump has a perfect record of electoral defeat.”

Sorry, folks; but, I can only conclude that folks who continue to vote for this loser should go back to school and learn a bit more about everything from economics to intelligent design.

British pigeons ‘turning into zombies’ 

A MYSTERIOUS disease is infecting British birds and turning them into slow moving ‘zombies’ with deformed necks.

The highly infectious virus has already spread rapidly in Jersey pigeons and is feared to be circulating throughout the UK bird population.

Horrific symptoms of the disease include deformed necks, dangerously thin bodies, and it takes away the bird’s ability to fly, walk in straight lines or move quickly. 

Pigeon paramyxovirus, also known as PPMV or Newcastle’s Disease, will also turn the bird’s faeces green and they are at risk of dying within a few days.

Other signs to watch out for are trembling or paralysis of the wings and legs with a reluctance to move and eat.

Good grief!