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If you’d like to suggest an article you think should be posted for view and/or discussion – just add a comment below including the url. The editors are always willing to consider suggestions from our readers that don’t involve self-immolation.

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27 thoughts on “Suggestions for Posts?

    • Hичего says:

      The northern Russian region has been quietly burning all summer, sending up plumes of smoke that are visible a million miles away. It’s one more reason Siberia is our best bet for the scene of the apocalypse — what with those huge sinkholes opening up in the ground, anthrax coming back from the dead, and rivers running blood red.
      Greenpeace Russia found that 3.5 million hectares had burned by early June — an area larger than Maryland. In July, satellite imagery suggested fires were 10 times worse than the government reported. That was just halfway through fire season. Now, the fires are still burning. As recently as Sept. 18, NASA satellite photos showed smoke blanketing a large portion of the country. Wildfire is a normal occurrence in Siberia, where an average year sees 6 million hectares (23,166 square miles ) burn – which is an area slightly less then the state of West Virginia.

  1. Cassandra says:

    The National Snow and Ice Data Center announced yesterday that the Arctic sea ice melt in 2016 tied the second-lowest extent ever recorded. “September Arctic sea ice is now declining at a rate of 13.4 percent per decade, relative to the 1981 to 2010 average,” NASA says and according to a table presented by the NSIDC, all of the 10 lowest years for Arctic sea ice extent have occurred since 2005.

    • Toby Odone says:

      “BP to Settle 25,000 Suits Over Toxic Refinery” “More than 40,000 residents of Texas City [Texas] and neighboring La Marque sued BP, claiming that over 40 days in April and May 2010 the company released more than 500,000 pounds of toxic chemicals, including carcinogenic benzene, after diverting the compounds to the flare that was only 33 to 66 percent efficient. BP sold the refinery, the state’s third-largest, to Marathon Petroleum for $2.4 billion in 2013. London-based BP undoubtedly is anxious to move past its checkered past in Texas City.
      A series of explosions and fires at the refinery in March 2005 killed 15 workers and injured 180, resulting in a $21 million fine and an OSHA settlement agreement. BP agreed to pay the government a $50 million fine in August 2010 after regulators found it had not corrected safety violations in compliance with the 2005 settlement. See also 1947 Texas City disaster

  2. Reddy Kilowatt says:

    U.S. Coal Production Down 26% in First Half of 2016 Also “Solar Continues Its Trend Toward Rapidly Declining Costs” and “Oklahoma, Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plains”
    Meanwhile: “The solar-power industry and a Montana environmental group Monday asked federal regulators to undo a decision they say is illegally undermining small solar-power projects in the state. The decision, made in June by the Montana Public Service Commission, suspended an established rate that utilities must pay to small, renewable power projects for their electricity.”

    • Golden Goose says:

      Wyoming lawmakers spurned a bill to increase taxes on wind energy Thursday, after hearing five hours of testimony from the industry’s developers, utilities, local government officials and ranchers opposed to the proposal. In fact, no members of the public spoke in favor of wind tax increases, even though lobbyists who represent fossil fuel companies sat through the entire discussion, which ultimately lasted nearly six hours. The idea to increase wind energy taxes — currently at $1 per megawatt hour, with Wyoming being the only state that taxes generation — originated as school construction money continues to dwindle. The school construction account is primarily funded with coal lease bonuses. But there have not been new coal leases in years.

  3. Ricky Roma says:

    “Attention Bargain Hunters: $5-Billion Nuclear Power Plant on Sale for Only $36 Million” (Needs Work)
    “After spending more than 40 years and $5 billion on an unfinished nuclear power plant in northeastern Alabama, the nation’s largest federal utility is preparing to sell the property at a fraction of its cost. The TVA has set a minimum bid of $36.4 million for its power plant and the 1,600 surrounding acres of waterfront property. The buyer gets two unfinished nuclear reactors, transmission lines, buildings, eight miles of roads, and a 1,000-space parking lot.”

  4. Margo says:

    An overseas hacker from the group Kosovo Hacker’s Security was handed a 20-year term on Friday. This is the nation’s first prosecution of a hacker trying to carry out an act of terrorism. Kosovo citizen Ardit Ferizi, a 20-year-old with the online handle Th3Dir3ctorY, was arrested in Malaysia in 2015. In a Virginia federal court earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to stealing data on US military personnel by hacking undisclosed US corporate computers and then providing that data to the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group. According to the government the data included the “names, e-mail addresses, e-mail passwords, locations, and phone numbers for approximately 1,351 US military and other government personnel” Defendant’s plea bargain agreement @

  5. Korzybski says:

    “Sifting through two-thirds of the world’s languages, scientists have discovered a strange pattern: Words with the same meanings in different languages often seem to share the same sounds — even when those two languages are completely unrelated.
    The findings, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, run counter to a long-held idea in linguistics and could complicate the work of researchers trying to trace the history and evolution of the world’s languages.”

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