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57 thoughts on “Suggestions for Posts?

  1. Eye4Eye says:

    “The Pentagon Has Prepared a Cyberattack Against Russia : U.S. military hackers have been given the go-ahead to gain access to Russian cybersystems as part of potential retaliation for any meddling in America’s elections.” (Center for Public Integrity 11.02.18 6:01 AM ET)

    • CRM 114 says:

      Direct link: “Officials say the new Trump cyber operations order, National Security Presidential Memorandum 13 (NSPM 13), is designed to allow Defense Secretary James Mattis and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to approve retaliatory strikes without the approval of others in the government, and in certain cases without White House approval.
      It replaces an Obama-era executive order that required more extensive review before cyber weapons could be used offensively, called Presidential Policy Directive 20 (PPD 20). That order was classified but became public when former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked it in 2013, as part of a broader effort by him to expose the scale of American cyber spying.”

  2. Support the Troops says:

    “The road to recovery has been a long one for David Morales, who was injured during the al-Qaeda attack on the USS Cole 18 years ago last month. And he knew it would be difficult to collect the nearly $315 million that he and others wounded in the attack were awarded in their suit against the Republic of Sudan.
    But he didn’t expect the case to go all the way to the Supreme Court, and he certainly didn’t think he would see the Trump administration aligned with Sudan on the other side of the legal battle.
    “I thought the United States would be on the side of its veterans,” Morales said in a recent interview. “It was very surprising, especially with Mr. Trump in office. It seems like he is in support of veterans. It kind of hurts.”
    Years of litigation and millions of dollars in awards are on the line this week as the Supreme Court addresses a seemingly mundane question: whether notices of the lawsuits against Sudan were sent to the wrong address eight years ago.”

  3. Silent Spring says:

    “Bird communities dwindle on New Mexico’s Pajarito Plateau : The numbers of birds and bird species are declining in an area where research predicts major loss of pine forests.” (LANL Aug 15, 2018)
    See also “Avian communities are decreasing with pinon pine mortality in the Southwest” (Biological Conservation, Volume 226, October 2018, Pages 186-195)

  4. Lagniappe says:

    Taylor Energy Co. has been ordered by the Coast Guard to do something about its damaged oil platform that for the last 14 years has been leaking thousands of gallons a day into the Gulf of Mexico.
    The order came on Oct. 23, following The Washington Post’s report that the spill was larger than the Interior Department estimated. In 2004, Hurricane Ivan destroyed Taylor Energy’s former platform 12 miles off the coast of Louisiana. A Justice Department analysis found that since then, 10,500 to 29,000 gallons of oil a day have leaked into the Gulf. Previously, the government went off of reports by contractors hired by Taylor Energy, which claimed anywhere from 42 to 2,300 gallons leaked per day.
    The Coast Guard’s order calls for Taylor Energy to “institute a … system to capture, contain, and remove oil” from the site or pay a daily $40,000 fine for failing to comply, the Post reports.
    The spill so far amounts to at least 1.5 million barrels and up to 3.5 million barrels. That would rival the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, the largest offshore spill in the nation’s history, which spewed 4 million barrels of oil into gulf waters.

  5. Doc says:

    A world-renowned expert on brain cartography has announced the discovery of a hidden brain region in humans that may be what differentiates humans from monkeys and other animals. The region is located near the brain-spinal cord junction and was identified by Professor George Paxinos from Neuroscience Research Australia. The newly discovered Endorestiform Nucleus lies within the inferior cerebellar peduncle, a part of the brain that integrates sensory and motor information and enables refined posture, fine motor movements, and balance. See

  6. April15 says:

    “Brass Parachutes : Defense contractors capture Pentagon officials through the revolving door” “Without transparency and more effective protections of the public interest the revolving door between senior Pentagon officials and officers and defense contractors may be costing American taxpayers billions. Taxpayers deserve protecting just as private sector companies do.
    In his 1961 farewell address, Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned that the influence of the military-industrial complex could “endanger our liberties or democratic processes.” The revolving door of Pentagon officials and senior military leaders seeking lucrative post-government jobs does exactly that.
    It often confuses what is in the best financial interests of defense contractors—excessively large Pentagon budgets, endless wars, and overpriced weapon systems—with what is in the best interest of military effectiveness and protecting citizens.
    The Project On Government Oversight has consistently found federal ethics laws to be a tangled mess and insufficient to prevent conflicts of interest. Our first in-depth look into those laws, “The Politics of Contracting,” revealed how the revolving door leads to trends of agency capture and large defense contractors gathering more monopoly power.”

  7. Woodsy says:

    “Wildfires are consuming our forests and grasslands faster than we can replace them. It’s a vicious cycle of destruction and inadequate restoration rooted, so to speak, in decades of neglect of the institutions and technologies needed to keep these environments healthy.” “DroneSeed is a Seattle-based startup that aims to combat this growing problem with a modern toolkit that scales: drones, artificial intelligence and biological engineering. And it’s even more complicated than it sounds.”

      • Hoedad says:

        President Trump in an interview Tuesday with The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker and Josh Dawsey (Transcript ):
        “The fire in California, where I was, if you looked at the floor, the floor of the fire, they have trees that were fallen, they did no forest management, no forest maintenance, and you can light — you can take a match like this and light a tree trunk when that thing is laying there for more than 14 or 15 months. And it’s a massive problem in California.
        …you go to other places where they have denser trees — it’s more dense, where the trees are more flammable — they don’t have forest fires like this, because they maintain. And it was very interesting, I was watching the firemen, and they’re raking brush — you know the tumbleweed and brush, and all this stuff that’s growing underneath. It’s on fire, and they’re raking it, working so hard, and they’re raking all this stuff. If that was raked in the beginning, there’d be nothing to catch on fire. It’s very interesting to see. A lot of the trees, they took tremendous burn at the bottom, but they didn’t catch on fire. The bottom is all burned but they didn’t catch on fire because they sucked the water, they’re wet. You need forest management, and they don’t have it.”

  8. Memory hole says:

    “Opposition Builds to Interior Department Records Purge : Group Says Documents Reveal Efforts to Kill Wild Horses, Land Grabs and Other Outrages” (DCReport) A nonprofit advocating for wild horses, one of the groups opposing a massive proposed document purge at Trump’s Interior Department, said record requests helped the nonprofit learn about a plan to send thousands of wild horses to a tiger refuge in Russia (with your tax dollars).

  9. Coup d'état says:

    “The Wisconsin power grab is part of a bigger Republican attack on democracy : The GOP’s turn against democracy may be a greater threat to the American experiment than President Trump.”
    See also “Republicans were upset about election fraud — before it threatened their candidate”

  10. Great White Father says:

    “In 2017, the U.S. Department of Justice declined to prosecute more than a third of cases referred to them in Indian Country. That’s business as usual according to a new report by the department.”
    “The report reveals that U.S. attorneys’ offices left 37 percent of referred cases from Indian Country unprosecuted in 2017 — a figure slightly up from 2016 and steady with data since 2011, after then-President Barack Obama signed the Tribal Law and Order Act into law. The percentage continues to plateau despite funding for tribal law enforcement from the Trump administration. Lawmakers like Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., see the department’s prosecution rate as failing members of federally recognized tribes.”
    See also “Department of Justice Releases Annual Report to Congress on Indian Country Investigations and Prosecutions”

  11. Roomba says:

    “We very much regret that, due to “force majeure” circumstances beyond our control, it has been necessary to potponse [sic] the 4th International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots.”
    Conferences on Gaming and Sex Robots Cancelled After Protests Over Steve Bannon Keynote : The dual collapse of this month’s conferences following pushback against the alt-right figure marked a blow to industries that have long struggled with diversity and inclusion.

  12. Days of Rage says:

    “Yellow vests: France protests ‘created a monster’, says minister” The protests began three weeks ago, initially against a rise in fuel taxes but have spread to take in other issues, including education reforms.
    “The hungry sheep look up, and are not fed…”
    “Lycidas” by John Milton (1637)

  13. Genesis 1:28 says:

    “EPA’s New Water Rule Will Gut the Clean Water Act”
    Caption: “Firemen work to extinguish a fire on the Cuyahoga River on Nov. 3, 1952. This fire was much larger than the 1969 event, though no picture of the 1969 fire is known to exist.”

    • Laugh Riot says:

      The EPA wished away 6 million cars in order to make rolling back gas mileage rules look at least $90 billion cheaper for Americans. “…the Trump administration’s basic argument was that fuel economy standards raise the price of new cars. So instead of buying new ones, people keep driving their old cars longer. That risks lives, they claimed, because new cars have better safety features. But if we scrapped fuel standards, people would be more likely to buy new cars, and therefore less likely to die. To make the numbers support this line of argument, the EPA had to say that rolling back the standards would lead to 6 million fewer cars on the road by 2029. But the idea that making cars cheaper will lead to fewer cars on the road is, as the experts put it, “simply inconsistent with basic economic theory.”
      See “Flawed analyses of U.S. auto fuel economy standards : A 2018 analysis discarded at least $112 billion in benefits”

  14. Gawrsh says:

    A vast unexplored cave which was discovered by accident in a national park in western Canada may have never been seen by humans before. Experts have suggested that the cave might have been covered with snow all year round, until as recently as the 1990s, and thus lain undiscovered for thousands of years. Officials from Canada’s ministry of national resources stumbled across the huge cavern while conducting a caribou count by helicopter in April. The mouth of the cave is the size of a soccer field.

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