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If you’d like to suggest an article you think should be posted for view and/or discussion – just add a comment below including the url. The editors are always willing to consider suggestions from our readers that don’t involve self-immolation.

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33 thoughts on “Suggestions for Posts?

  1. Cue the Theremin says:

    “Microbes that are over tens of thousands of years old, but still previously unknown to science, have been found in the unique environment of the Naica crystal caves in Mexico. These microorganisms were lying dormant for all that time, and yet, scientists were able to revive them, it was revealed Friday at the ongoing annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).”

  2. Outside agitator says:

    “White House proposes steep budget cut to leading climate science agency” (Washington Post)
    “The Trump administration is seeking a 17 percent cut to the budget of the government’s meteorological agency that monitors the climate and issues daily weather forecasts” (VOA)
    “Four Ways NOAA Benefits Your Life Today” (Forbes)

    • Cassandra says:

      Donald Trump wants to shut off an orbiting space camera that monitors climate change Why is the satellite’s job being cut? Why is the satellite’s job being cut? No justification is given in the president’s new budget, but cost is probably not part of it. Last year, NASA forecast the work of operating the satellite and processing its data would cost $1.2 million in 2018, a sliver of Trump’s overall NASA budget request of $19.1 billion. In fact, it was the space agency’s second cheapest ongoing earth sciences program. The simple explanation is that cutting DSCOVR, along with three other NASA earth science missions that were still under development, is part of the administration’s “see no evil” strategy on man-made climate change, influenced by the fossil-fuels industry. If the government stops collecting data on the weather, it won’t have to worry about doing anything about it. See also chart: “Donald Trump’s “America First” priorities, by department or agency” @

  3. Reinigung says:

    “Gold Star father Khizr Khan’s “freedom to travel abroad” is reportedly under review, and he says he doesn’t know why.” See also “Gold Star father’s Toronto speech cancelled as travel rights are ‘reviewed’: organizer” Meanwhile Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly has confirmed that the department is considering separating children from their parents at the border.

  4. Misdirection Inc. says:

    “Republicans and the Constitution” By Jelani Cobb (New Yorker, March 13, 2017 Issue) Article V allows a method of proposing amendments that cuts Congress out entirely: two-thirds of the state legislatures can call for a constitutional convention. To be in a position to do this, the G.O.P. needs to gain control of just one more statehouse, which could happen as soon as next year.

  5. Bernays says:

    The World Wide Web turned 28 today. But rather than celebrate, its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, used the occasion to lay out what he sees as its greatest challenges. Specifically, Berners-Lee points to three threats: the loss of control of personal data, the spread of misinformation, and lack of transparency in political advertising. He describes them as “three new trends” though they’ve each been around in some form for some time. Clearly, though, they’ve taken on a greater urgency for Berners-Lee and many others in the wake of the US presidential election that was an exhausting swirl of fake news, and ended in a result few saw coming.

  6. McLuhan says:

    “For Solace and Solidarity in the Trump Age, Liberals Turn the TV Back On” (NYT) “Left-leaning MSNBC, after flailing at the end of the Obama years, has edged CNN in prime time. Stephen Colbert’s openly anti-Trump “Late Show” is beating Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight” for the first time. Bill Maher’s HBO flock has grown nearly 50 percent since last year’s presidential primaries, and “The Daily Show” has registered its best ratings since Jon Stewart left in 2015. Traditional television, a medium considered so last century, has watched audiences drift away for the better part of a decade. Now rattled liberals are surging back, seeking catharsis, solidarity and relief.”
    See also: “Sean Spicer’s Briefings, Cringe TV for an Audience of One” and “Trump to media: ‘Be nice'”

  7. Just us chickens says:

    “Federal Inquiry of Fox News Moves to a Grand Jury, but Without Preet Bharara”
    “The political drama around the federal courthouse in Manhattan did not end with the sudden, unexplained turnabout of President Trump in firing Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York.
    While that prominent post always gets attention, one candidate frequently mentioned as a possible successor to Mr. Bharara could sharpen the scrutiny to new levels: Marc L. Mukasey, a former prosecutor who now works in white-collar criminal defense.
    As it happens, Mr. Mukasey has represented Roger E. Ailes, the former chairman of Fox News, who has long had a mogul-to-mogul relationship with Mr. Trump.
    Whomever Mr. Trump nominates to replace Mr. Bharara will inherit an investigation of Fox News.”

  8. Rize or die says:

    Trump’s newly released budget plan completely eliminates the $3 billion Community Development Block Grant program, which funds popular programs like Meals on Wheels, housing assistance and other community assistance efforts.
    Remove health-care subsidies for Members of Congress and their families

  9. Babble study says:

    “First solar eclipse to cross U.S. in 99 years is coming. To some, it’s an act of God.” This August, the “path of totality” cuts across the entire country, and every single spot in the continental United States will see an eclipse up to 60 percent. NASA eclipse site with interactive map NASA animation provides an overhead view of the umbra and runs at a rate of 30× real time — every minute of the eclipse takes two seconds in the animation. Includes link to an oblique view that emphasizes the terrain of the path.
    Gary Ray on his Washington Post interview, the eclipse, the Revelation 12 Sign, preparing for the Rapture – and the consequences of failing to trust in “the right God.”

  10. 3card Monte says:

    “Coal in the Trump age: Industry has a pulse, but prospects for jobs are weak” Coal-fired power plants continue to shut their doors. Bountiful supplies of U.S. shale gas are keeping natural gas prices low and competitive, and renewable sources of power generation are growing rapidly. Though most experts expect U.S. coal sales and output to top last year’s levels, they also expect the decline to resume in 2018.
    “The coal industry is saying it’s back. It’s not back,” said Tom Sanzillo, director of finance at the Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis. “This is a fool’s errand.”

  11. McLeod says:

    Dry conditions and high winds drove fires across Kansas, Oklahoma, and north Texas earlier this month, burning homes, cattle, and over a million acres. The flames also killed seven people.
    Emergency programs run by the federal Department of Agriculture – which is facing 21 percent cuts under Trump’s budget proposal – will help ranchers recover to some extent but many feel the government response to this disaster has been inadequate, especially after the President’s campaign promises to take care of the rural working class. See also National Fire Information Center

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