These jeans just sold for $76,000

A pair of vintage Levi’s jeans from the 1880s sold for $76,000 at an auction in New Mexico, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

Kyle Haupert, a 23-year-old vintage clothing dealer from San Diego, bought the pants at an auction on October 1.

“I’m still kind of bewildered, just surprised in myself for even purchasing them,” Haupert told the Journal…

The antique jeans were found in an old mine years ago, according to Long John, a denim magazine that first broke the news about the winning bid. They were used by a miner and feature suspender buttons on the waistbands and a single back pocket. The pants are marked by candle wax.

According to their auction listing, the jeans are one of the oldest known Levis from the gold rush era and “the holy grail of vintage denim collecting.” The pants are in “good/wearable” condition, per the listing.

“You could wear them to a Starbucks,” Stevenson told the Journal.