This qualifies for more than an “OOPS!”

On Wednesday, a man drove a Bugatti Veyron into a lagoon in Texas after avoiding a low-flying pelican.

According to The Galveston County Daily News, the driver was checking out real estate in La Marque, Tex., when the pelican swooped into view:

The man jerked the wheel, dropped his cellphone and the car’s front tire left the frontage road and entered a muddy patch, which foiled his attempt to maneuver away from the lagoon…

The man was uninjured, physically, though after drowning the Veyron, which is priced at around $2 million, his ego might be a little damaged.

I’d be hard-pressed to feel sorry for someone dunking his $2million car in a salt-water lagoon. Distracted by a fracking pelican. And trying to pick up his cell phone.

Rock the Vote rocks with 2 million registrations

Rock the Vote registered its 2-millionth young voter in what the organization said was its largest voter registration campaign.

Pushing Rock the Vote to the 2-million mark was Morgan Reed-Parker, 17, of North Carolina, who registered Sunday, the non-profit, non-partisan organization said in a news release…

Reed-Parker said she will celebrate her 18th birthday before the Nov. 4 election.

“This election is extremely important for my generation,” she said. “As I leave home and become responsible for my own finances, I want to know that our economy is stable.”

It will take more than this election and the next couple to achieve that. If folks actually live up to their promises.

I don’t think it could be much worse than the thugs currently in charge of the US of A..

Brazilian nabbed who owes $2 million in driving fines

Transport police in the Brazilian city of São Paulo have finally caught up with their nemesis, apprehending the driver of a 1996 Opel Corsa who owes the city more than $2 million in traffic fines.

The huge sum is the result of more than 970 infractions committed during the last five years, including such offences as speeding, running red lights and driving during restricted hours.

Intelligence officers from the state transport department had analysed the data contained in the fines to try and pinpoint where best to locate the vehicle, finally catching up with it outside a house in the south of the city on Tuesday.

The vehicle’s owner said he had no idea about the fines or that he owed so much money. Armando Clemente da Silva said he had not even been able to afford to transfer the car’s registration into his name when he bought it at an insurance company auction. This meant that despite his appalling record on the roads, he has received no penalty points on his driving licence…

If the debt is not paid in 90 days, then the car will be auctioned off, although police estimate that the fine stands at about 500 times the value of the car.

Uh, see where not paying attention will land you?