N.C. school (briefly) sold 20 test points for $20

A fundraiser at a North Carolina middle school sold students 20 test points for a $20 donation.

That’s enough to raise a B to an A on two tests, or a failing score to a D.

Or at least it did until the News & Observer newspaper began asking questions, and the Wayne County school administrators ordered Goldsboro Middle School to stop the fundraiser.

They also issued this statement:

Yesterday afternoon, the district administration met with [Rosewood Middle School principal] Mrs. Shepherd and directed the following actions be taken: (1) the fundraiser will be immediately stopped; (2) no extra grade credit will be issued that may have resulted from donations; and (3) beginning November 12, all donations will be returned.

Susie Shepherd told the newspaper that a parent advisory council had come up with the idea and that she had endorsed it. She said the council is looking for a new way to raise money.

Last year, they did chocolates, and it didn’t generate anything,” she says.

Here’s a school system with one administrator too many.