US deaths from gun violence vs. US deaths from terrorism

In his impassioned address in the wake of Thursday’s horrible shooting at an Oregon community college, President Obama issued a challenge to the media. “Have news organizations tally up the number of Americans who’ve been killed through terrorist attacks in the last decade and the number of Americans who’ve been killed by gun violence, and post those side by side on your news reports,” he asked.


Here’s what that looks like (at least, for 2001-2011, the period for which we could find the most reliable data quickly courtesy of the State Department, the Justice Department, and the Council on Foreign Relations’ Micah Zenko).

gun deaths chart

Any surprises? Think we have fair and balanced priorities?

On 2nd anniversary, school shooting takes another victim

The funeral procession of Russell King Jr. winds through Chardon streets in March 2012

The father of a boy killed in the Chardon High School shooting died Thursday morning at his home on the second anniversary of the rampage.

Russell King, 48, was found in his bed by a family member at his home in Chardon Township, said Lt. John Hiscox of the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department. He said there were no signs of foul play. He said Coroner Robert Coleman is investigating.

Geauga County Prosecutor James Flaiz said Thursday that he could not comment on the case, saying it “was an ongoing criminal investigation, although we believe foul play was not involved.”

King’s son, Russell, was one of three students killed Feb. 27, 2012, at Chardon High School. T.J. Lane opened fire in the school’s cafeteria with a .22-Ruger before classes began. He also killed Daniel Parmertor, 16, and Demetrius Hewlin, 16. Russell was 17. Three other students were wounded…

Lane pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated murder, two counts of attempted aggravated murder and one count of felonious assault for a shooting that shined an unwanted spotlight on a suburban school district and plunged it into the political donnybrook of gun control…

Russell King Sr. went to all of the court hearings involving Lane. He was a tall, strong man who seemed deeply hurt by the senseless loss of his son. He and other family members of the victims struggled last March, when a Geauga County judge sentenced Lane to three life sentences in prison.

Lane mocked his victims during that hearing, wearing a T-shirt with the word “Killer” on it, swearing and flipping his middle finger to their parents and families.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said he was saddened and stunned by the news.

“That’s just horrible,” he said. “Anyone who loses a child never gets over it. Anything anyone says to you has no relevance.”

The NRA gives the finger to every sensible American who wants to support the 2nd Amendment with strict regulations against criminals and disturbed individuals having access to deadly weapons.

I’ve been a gun owner and hunter most of my life. I own guns, right now. I also support the efforts of gun owners to manage access to firearms by strict regulation, licensing and record-keeping. I consider fools who dedicate time and money to maintaining easy access for criminals to be no better than the thugs they aid.

It doesn’t take a whole boatload of logic and reasoning to increase the safety of our populace without infringing on anything more than individual ignorance and fear.

Sooner or later, we have to grow into a society where children and their parents are less likely to fear death on a daily basis.

Guns & Ammo editors retired and fired – way too rational about constitutional rights and responsibilities!

Dick Metcalf

The U.S. magazine Guns & Ammo has fired a contributing editor and a top editor said he will retire early after a backlash over a pro-gun control column.

The magazine, based in Los Angeles, fired contributing editor Dick Metcalf after a column he wrote for the December 2013 issue, arguing there should be some government regulation of firearms, provoked a backlash that including threats to cancel subscriptions…

“Way too many gun owners still seem to believe that any regulation of the right to keep and bear arms is an infringement,” Metcalf wrote. “The fact is, all constitutional rights are regulated, always have been, and need to be.”

In the editorial, titled “Let’s Talk Limits,” Metcalf said U.S. citizens “have a right to keep and bear arms but I do not believe that they have a right to use them irresponsibly…”

“Dick Metcalf has had a long and distinguished career as a gun writer, but his association with ‘Guns & Ammo’ has officially ended,” Bequette wrote, saying it was a mistake to publish Metcalf’s column.

“I thought it would generate a healthy exchange of ideas on gun rights. I miscalculated, pure and simple,” he wrote. “I was wrong, and I ask your forgiveness.”

What passes for principles, nowadays. He retired effective immediately.

BITD, when I still spent time hunting and recreational shooting it was possible to have a sensible discussion about constitutional rights and responsibilities. In fact, Guns and Ammo was a regular worthwhile read. I haven’t peered inside a copy in decades; but, it surely sounds as if it has joined the Holy Fatherland Church of NRA – heretics not allowed.

You poor dumb bastards still think guns answer questions…

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with the murder of two adults and three children, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office said.

Last night, police found five people dead at a South Valley home in the 2800 block of Long Lane SW. A man, a woman, two girls and a boy were found in the home with several gunshot wounds. Friends identified the man as Greg Griego, a pastor at Calvary Church in Albuquerque.

Shortly after 1:00 p.m. police identified the 15-year-old as Nehemiah Griego.

Police believe the teenager used an AR-15 semi automatic rifle in the shooting. Multiple weapons were retrieved from the house.

The investigation is ongoing.

Various nutballs from around the state turned out at the beginning of the weekend to voice their hatred and fear, their mindless rote about the 2nd Amendment somehow being threatened. There were fewer than 100 people at the state capitol.

They were the same people who showed up for the so-called Tea Party rallies.

They were the same people who threatened violence and death for Black children who dared enter previously all-white schools.

They were the same people who volunteered to join the army, see the world, visit foreign lands and kill everyone.

Make the Sandy Hook Promise

Xmas stockings for dead children

Parents of children slain in the Connecticut school massacre held photos of their sons and daughters, cried, hugged and spoke in quavering voices as they called for a national dialogue to help prevent similar tragedies.

“I do not want to be someone sharing my experience and consoling another parent next time. I do not want there to be a next time,” said Nicole Hockley, whose son Dylan was among the 20 first-graders and six adults killed by a gunman a month ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Members of the newly formed group Sandy Hook Promise spoke out as politicians from Maine to New Mexico marked the one month that has passed since the shooting with renewed demands for tighter gun control.

The Sandy Hook group says it wants to have open-minded discussions about a range of issues, including guns, mental health and safety in schools and other public places…

“We want the Sandy Hook school shootings to be recalled as the turning point where we brought our community and communities across the nation together and set a real course for change,” said group co-founder Tom Bittman…

…In Cranford, N.J., a group of mayors backing new restrictions were joined by a man whose 23-year-old son was shot to death in the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech.

“I’m just one member of a Virginia Tech family, Newtown has theirs, Aurora has theirs, Tucson has theirs, and now we’re starting to come together,” Michael Pohle said. “This coalition is growing, and it’s going to become more powerful, and we’re going to have the ability to influence elections as well…”

It appears that despite protestations to the contrary, the Republican Party will carry on in the same vein as their recent electoral platform. Just as they attacked women’s rights, civil rights for the LGBT community, just as they would diminish the role of education and science in society, they are uniting behind the worst elements of the Gun Lobby.

Profits – once again – take precedence over human rights in the eyes of what used to be a responsible party. Relying on the demented cowards who fear government, furriners and atheists are about to invade their McMansions – the Republican Party has decided it is their responsibility in every state to oppose any sensible regulation of guns.

The shame is theirs. The responsibility to remember Sandy Hook is ours.