US to relax haggis ban – finally!

The US government said it is planning to relax the ban on imported meats which prevents the sale of haggis.

The ban was introduced in 1989 because of concerns about the safety of British meat during the BSE scare.

On the eve of Burns night, the US Department of Agriculture said new regulations were being drafted, in line with international standards…

Jo MacSween, co-director of Macsween Haggis, said it would come as good news to expats and tourists.

“So they will be delighted that next time they come to visit they can not only take it back but hopefully manufacturers like us will actually start shipping it there too.”

Ms MacSween said sales of haggis were no longer confined to the Burns Night season in January.

The company has also diversified into products such as haggis nachos, she said.


I’ve been able to order in frozen haggis from one of the butcher shops I used to frequent in Boston; so, I haven’t been entirely deprived. But, trying to convince my friendly neighborhood carniceria in New Mexico to produce this treat – even on a holiday season basis – is beyond possible.