Indian Coppers Arrest Pakistani Pigeon On Charges Of Espionage

The pigeon was wearing an anklet inscribed with a series of numbers when it was captured on the Indian side of the India-Pakistan border…Because of the anklet and the sensitive area in which the bird was recovered, authorities are taking the incident very seriously. However, they have yet to decipher the message.

A Pakistani villager has since come forward as the bird’s owner. He claimed to have simply flown his pigeons to celebrate this year’s Eid-al-Fitr festival, a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. He also explained that the numbers inscribed on the pigeon’s metal ring were not a code but rather his phone number.

Pakistani newspaper Dawn has since identified the man as Habibullah and confirmed that he does, indeed, own a dozen pigeons. The man told the publication that the bird was a “symbol of peace,” and that India should “refrain from victimizing innocent birds.”

Cops behaving like cops aren’t unusual anywhere. The greater the paranoia in whichever nation, the more likely is stupid or silly behavior by defenders of faith and Fatherland.

Congress should be ready to arrest Attorney General William Barr

❝ On Sunday, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee threatened to subpoena Attorney General William P. Barr if he refuses to testify this week about the Mueller report.

But a subpoena is unlikely to elicit Barr’s cooperation. “We’re fighting all the subpoenas,” says the President of the United States.

❝ In other words, there is to be no congressional oversight of this administration: No questioning the Attorney General about the Mueller Report by a committee controlled by the opposition party…

Such a blanket edict fits a dictator of a banana republic, not the president of a constitutional republic founded on separation of powers…

What could the Committee do? Hold Barr in contempt of Congress — under Congress’s inherent power to get the information it needs to carry out its constitutional duties. Congress cannot function without this power.

Under this inherent power, the House can order its own sergeant-at-arms to arrest the offender, subject him to a trial before the full House, and, if judged to be in contempt, jail that person until he appears before the House and brings whatever documentation the House has subpoenaed.

❝ Congress hasn’t actually carried through on the threat since 1935 — but it could.

Might be an interesting exercise in backbone. And, no, I don’t expect it to happen.

Armed vigilantes detain migrants –their leader is busted after NM governor calls the Feds

Paul Ratje/Getty

❝ Armed rightwing militia members detained a large group of migrants at the US-Mexico border and coordinated with US border patrol agents to have them arrested, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, in a series of actions the civil liberties organization called a “kidnapping” and a flagrant violation of the law….

❝ The so-called United Constitutional Patriots posted several live-stream Facebook videos this week that appeared to detail their activities at the border…

❝ Nora Meyers Sackett, the spokesperson for New Mexico governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, told the Guardian her office was working with the attorney general to “verify what exactly happened regarding this group”, adding in an email, “If migrant families feel menaced or threatened at all when they arrive at our border, that’s completely unacceptable, and it should go without saying that regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone…”


❝ The head of the militia group…was arrested Saturday by the FBI on charges of being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition…

Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, who lives in the tiny village of Flora Vista in San Juan County, was arrested in Sunland Park, a border town near El Paso, the FBI said in a statement…

❝ “This is a dangerous felon who should not have weapons around children and families,” New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas said of Hopkins in a statement issued Saturday. “Today’s arrest by the FBI indicates clearly that the rule of law should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officials, not armed vigilantes.”

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said in a Twitter message a day before Hopkins’ arrest, “We are actively working with @NewMexicoAOG as well as local and state police. Menacing or threatening migrant families and asylum-seekers is absolutely unacceptable and must cease.”

Just a few of the fascist-minded fools who infest rightwing America.

Pharma Billionaire Arrested – Charged with Bribing Doctors to Prescribe Opioids

❝ Insys Therapeutics Inc. founder John Kapoor is accused of helping fuel the U.S. opioid epidemic by bribing doctors to prescribe a powerful form of fentanyl to patients who didn’t need the potent drug.

Kapoor, 74, was arrested Thursday in Arizona and charged with racketeering conspiracy and other felonies. He’s scheduled to appear in a Phoenix court later in the day.

❝ Kapoor and other former Insys executives are also accused of defrauding insurance companies that were reluctant to approve payments for the drug by improperly getting prior authorization directly from the insurers and pharmacy benefit managers…

❝ The opioid epidemic is killing 175 people a day and costing the U.S. economy billions of dollars annually, according to the government. President Donald Trump plans to declare the opioid crisis a public health emergency on Thursday.

Trump did so and – in classic Republican style – refused to allocate or ask for the appropriation of funds to do anything at all to fight this public health emergency. But, he had a chance to smile at the cameras and pretend he isn’t a fake president.

The CIA told apartheid South Africa coppers where to find and arrest Nelson Mandela in 1962

Nelson Mandela’s arrest in 1962 came as a result of a tip-off from an agent of the US Central Intelligence Agency…

The revelations, made in the Sunday Times newspaper, are based on an interview with ex-CIA agent Donald Rickard shortly before he died.

Mandela served 27 years in jail for resisting white minority rule before being released in 1990.

He was subsequently elected as South Africa’s first black president…

Rumours have circulated for years that the CIA trailed Mandela but the agency resisted previous attempts to shine a light on its alleged involvement in his arrest. Rickard’s admission will bring renewed pressure to declassify documents from the time…

ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said: “That revelation confirms what we have always known, that they are working against [us], even today.

Mandela, president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, was on a US terror watch list until 2008.

Before that, along with other former ANC leaders, he was only able to visit the US with special permission from the secretary of state, because the ANC had been designated a terrorist organisation by the former apartheid government…

President Ronald Reagan had originally placed the ANC on the list in the 1980s.

It doesn’t take a 19th Century paranoid like Reagan to enforce and support racist global policies. You don’t even need one of the Dulles brothers working their dead butt off to aid failing colonial regimes. In case you don’t remember – or know enough history – the CIA was operating in 1962 under the guidance of a liberal Democrat, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Serbia arrests seven men over 1995 Srebrenica massacre — finally

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Serbia is to mount its first trial over one of Europe’s worst atrocities: the massacre of some 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men by Serbian forces in Srebrenica in the summer of 1995.

Following a war crimes investigation, police arrested seven suspects in Serbia on Wednesday in the first such domestic operation in almost 20 years after the massacre, which was declared under international law to have been an act of genocide – the sole such act during the wars in the former Yugoslavia…

The seven men arrested at various locations in Serbia on Wednesday are suspected of having taken part in the mass murder of around 1,000 men at a warehouse in Kravica outside Srebrenica, a small hilltown in eastern Bosnia where Bosnian Muslims were held in a UN “safe haven” and besieged by Mladic’s forces for three years until the denouement in July 1995 resulted in the worst single atrocity of the war and the biggest massacre in Europe since the Nazis.

RTFA. It would be too kind to simply say this is overdue. I’ll leave the double-speak to the politicians.

Argument over space aliens + handgun hidden in “private parts” = aggravated assault arrest

McCarthy’s boyfriend isn’t named “Data” is he?

Jennifer McCarthy, 48, was arrested Saturday morning and booked into the Santa Fe County jail on a charge of aggravated assault on a household member…

According to a police statement filed in Magistrate Court, McCarthy’s boyfriend told a deputy responding to a disturbance that McCarthy started performing a sex act with a silver handgun, asked, “Who is crazy, you or me?” then took the gun and pointed it at his head.

The gun came into play after the couple had argued about space aliens…

…McCarthy left the couple’s home on Aventura Road in Santa Fe, according to the boyfriend’s account…When she came back, she went into the bedroom and came out dressed in lingerie and with the handgun in her private parts.

The boyfriend, who was not identified in the police statement, grabbed the gun after she pointed it at his head. He said he was afraid she was going to pull the trigger.

The boyfriend went into the bathroom and put the gun in the toilet. He told the deputy that when McCarthy went to retrieve the gun, he got it himself and put it in a trash can outdoors.

That’s where the deputy, who’d been dispatched to the house about 10:50 a.m., found the gun. The deputy arrested McCarthy and booked her on the aggravated assault charge.

RTFA which includes a 911 emergency call from McCarthy. Edited so as not to offend any of the more sheltered readers of the Albuquerque JOURNAL.

Is anyone in New Mexico astounded over an incident like this? I doubt it. After all, just across the valley from me is the county’s official welcoming center and landing site for UFO’s. I’ve never seen anything land there other than model airplanes belonging to local radio-control hobbyists. But – what do I know?

NYC copper arrested woman for prostitution because he didn’t approve of her clothing


A New York City judge dropped a prostitution case against a young woman, saying she was clearly not wearing the outfit of a prostitute.

Felicia McGinnis, 26, was arrested in the early hours of Jan. 9 after police saw her talking to a passersby on a sidewalk in Manhattan’s Midtown area, and charged with loitering for the purpose of prostitution…

Police noted that McGinnis was wearing a “black pea coat, skinny jeans and platform shoes.”

…Judge Felicia Mennin wrote that McGinnis’ outfit did not warrant a prostitution charge and tossed the case out.

“Any current issue of a fashion magazine would display plenty of women similarly dressed,” Mennin wrote. “However, the choice of such outfit hardly demonstrates the wearer’s proclivity to engage in prostitution.”

Mennin also slammed the police officer for noting that McGinnis’ pants were “revealing” because they “outlined” her legs.

“[The] characterization of the jeans as ‘revealing’ because they ‘outlined the defendant’s legs’ seems more to be expected in the dress code of a 1950s high school than a criminal-court pleading,” Mennin wrote.

“Granted, this incident occurred in the middle of winter,” Mennin added. “However, a pea coat is still standard issue to members of the US Navy … and blue jeans, skin-tight or baggy, are practically an American icon.”

The copper who promoted this bust deserves to spend the rest of his career stuck somewhere in a Tea Party time warp – rounding up Beatles records and copies of Catcher in the Rye for burning, arresting people for shopping on a Sunday and, of course, shutting down pharmacies that sell condoms.

Then, forced to stand before a judge who comprehends civil liberties and roasts this anal Sluggo for having the brain power of a sawhorse.

Court rules that prostitution website doesn’t break state law

A website operated by a former University of New Mexico president and a part-time Santa Fe resident that authorities say was used for prostitution is legal, a state district judge has ruled…The decision highlights the difficulties that prosecutors face in using decades-old laws to combat a modern phenomenon.

The ruling comes as prosecutors were scheduled to present to a grand jury their case against former UNM President F. Chris Garcia, who is accused of helping oversee a prostitution website called Southwest Companions.

State District Judge Stan Whitaker ruled that the website, an online message board and Garcia’s computer account did not constitute a “house of prostitution”…Whitaker also said the website wasn’t “a place where prostitution is practiced, encouraged or allowed.”

The ruling means that prosecutors will now have to decide how to proceed with a case involving Garcia, retired Fairleigh Dickinson University physics professor David C. Flory and others…

Garcia’s attorney, Robert Gorence, said Garcia was satisfied with the judge’s decision and felt vindicated. A woman who answered the phone at Flory’s Santa Fe residence said he had no comment.

Investigators said the prostitution ring had a membership of 14,000, including 200 prostitutes. Members paid anywhere from $200 for a sex act to $1,000 for a full hour. Prostitutes were paid with cash, not through the website…

For example, Cunningham said, Craigslist withstood lawsuits and challenges by law-enforcement agencies and district attorneys’ offices to shut down its erotic services section and only closed them later for publicity reason…

Chief Deputy District Attorney Mark Drebing…said no decisions have been made about how prosecutors intend to move forward with their case.

Legalizing the sex trade hasn’t occurred to anyone, yet. Probably, there will be one or two brave souls who will suggest tiptoeing into the 21st Century – if and when this comes up before the Roundhouse, our state legislature. They will need body armor.

Like most states with a significant “religious” population, New Mexico is big on moralizing. Doesn’t affect crime rates in the least.

Hollywood arsonist trying to keep mom from being extradited?

Mom — and the unpaid-for bodywork Mom is wanted in Germany for

The mother of a German national suspected of one of the worst arson sprees in Los Angeles history appeared before a U.S. magistrate judge Tuesday in the German government’s effort to extradite her on fraud charges…

His mother, 53-year-old Dorothee Burkhart, was arrested by Los Angeles police during a traffic stop on December 28, a day before the first of 52 fires, mostly in parked cars, that investigators suspect were part of a series of arsons.

The son, who was arrested Monday, was charged with one count of arson of an inhabited dwelling. He is likely to face additional charges as the investigation moves forward, said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa…

It did not appear that she knew her son had been arrested a day earlier on the arson charge…

A federal extradition complaint said she is wanted in Germany on 19 counts of fraud, including an allegation that she defrauded the doctor who performed breast augmentation surgery on her in 2004. The other fraud charges center on rent and security deposits for apartments in Frankfurt, Germany, the complaint said.

Dorothee Burkhart left Germany last October for California, where she lived with her son in a Hollywood apartment, according to the extradition complaint.

Investigators seized press clippings of arson attacks in Germany from the apartment, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity…

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said officials believe — and hope — the fires were set by one person. But they will proceed as though others may be involved until they know for sure, Beck said…

Los Angeles County Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy Shervin Lalezary, who draws a salary of $1 a year, was hailed as a hero for arresting Burkhart. Lalezary, an Iranian-born lawyer who moonlights as a deputy, pulled over a van in Hollywood driven by a man who resembled the person seen on the surveillance video. With the help of backup officers, he then arrested the driver, Burkhart.

This will probably put a crimp in mom’s new career in California. Apparently, she’s been advertising her services for “sensual tantra massage” and offering “full body hot oil body to body sliding massage”.