Have your hump with or without gravy?

Business owners and environmentalists in Australia are promoting camels as a source of meat to battle an explosion of the country’s camel population.

The Daily Telegraph (Britain) said Tuesday that environmentalists support the stance of business owners like Garry Dann, whose slaughterhouse in Australia’s Northern Territory has added camel meat to its production line.

“I know blokes who all their lives have meat for breakfast, lunch and tea, and they wouldn’t know the difference between camel meat and beef,” Dann said.

“Camels can handle Australia’s dry conditions and they are a good source of low cholesterol protein,” he added.

The camel population in Australia has already exceeded more than a million and is expected to double in size every eight to 10 years.

Camel ain’t bad at all. It’s like any other meat that walks around. As long as there’s enough fat to keep it from drying out while being cooked, it’s useful animal protein.

OTOH, there’s at least one American Talking Head who has her shorts all in a bunch over camelcide.

Euthanasia doctor detained by Brits

Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

An Australian doctor stopped at Heathrow Airport when he arrived to hold workshops on euthanasia has been granted leave to stay in UK.

Philip Nitschke was interviewed under the immigration and asylum act after arriving from Australia on Saturday…

Dr Nitschke said he had been surprised to have been detained and questioned, as he had been allowed into the UK to hold lectures before.

Dr Nitschke, who runs Exit International, told the BBC he had been searched, fingerprinted and formally interviewed after being told his workshops could be in breach of British law.

He said this had never happened to him before.

I mean, this is a very fundamental question of free speech – people want to know about this,” Dr Nitschke said.

“This is an important cutting-edge social issue and to find people thinking about deportation because the message is supposedly so worrying says something about changes in British society which are quite troubling.”

The Blair-Bush corruption of individual liberty in the UK is maintained – and continues to be expended by the Clod in Charge.

Just as the Republicans in the US can’t see beyond the desperate reliance on fear and foreigners as their only campaign tactic, Brown is trapped in his own inability to revise the Dangerous Duo’s equally cowardly reliance on personal security trumping independent thought.