Just after sunset…

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That time of summer when a late afternoon walk can’t catch any clouds to filter the sun’s heat. So, I wait till just after sunset. Down past the back meadow and into my fenceline laps. Top off steps and a few miles for the day.

A very peaceful time.

Pic of the Day

Queen of the Hill
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We caught rain with just the right timing this spring to kick off the prairie feathergrass in our back meadow. Though today is beyond the time of most of the long feathers, strands of flying seeds that show the wind direction, what stands is the main grass stem. Still higher than a man’s waist.

Standing higher than Sheila on our first walk this morning.

Second growth, Prairie feathergrass

Prairie feathergrass, second growth
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From this morning’s first walk – at dawn. The sun is rising over our back meadow, just reaching down to the bottom of the hill by the bosque. After the erratic monsoon rains in August, the prairie feathergrass is putting out the second growth of the summer season. The grass stalks already average about two-and-a-half feet high.