“FEAR” already “Sold Out!” at Amazon – Woodward’s book about the Trump White House

Amazon.com said it is working to restock shipments and fulfill orders for Bob Woodward’s “Fear” after the book sold out shortly after its Tuesday release.

Company officials said the title, which details a chaotic Trump administration in which staffers undermine the president, will be available through Kindle and audio books while they wait for new shipments of hardcovers. According to the website, shoppers can get it as early as Sept. 26.

Har! Trump will mess his shorts when he hears this on Faux News.

Charity refuses donations from former Navy SEAL’s book profits

The former Navy SEAL who wrote No Easy Day under the pen name Mark Owen has promised to donate a majority of his profits to charities, but one of the non-profit groups he touted – the Navy SEAL Foundation – has ruled out accepting his donations.

“The Navy SEAL Foundation is committed to providing immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families.

“With this principled mission in mind, the Foundation will not be accepting any donations that are generated from the book or any related activities,” the group said in a statement on its website…

The book has shot to the top of bestseller lists amid an avalanche of publicity, but Owen’s decision to publish his first-hand account has angered many fellow SEALs, including the commander of the elite units, who say he has betrayed the ethos of the special operators to be “quiet professionals”.

The Pentagon has accused the author of revealing classified information and violating non-disclosure agreements he signed while in uniform, which it says require him to submit any manuscript to the defence officials before publication.

NDA’s are something often regarded lightly by my fellow geeks. And perhaps in the world of tech that is so.

I say with equal consideration that is not the case in the life of those military women and men charged with defending their nation.

Any regular visitor here knows well of my feelings about the misuse of military power by our country and others, over time, over history — and today. I joke a bit about being a citizen of Earth more than I am of any political entity. But, I have always respected the charge of non-disclosure sacred to the lives of those brave or foolhardy enough – or sufficiently dedicated – to commit to a military life. I extend that to those I have known and lived alongside in military service – even in wars I have opposed.

Prove to the people of America that Mitt Romney is not a unicorn!

As you all probably know by now, a group named Left Action is calling on Mitt Romney to prove that he is not a unicorn and is therefore eligible to run for president. Below, you will find startling true facts about Romney’s origins, as well as an analysis of the very real dangers of having a unicorn in the White House.

How do we know Mitt Romney is a unicorn?

Many people believe he is a unicorn.

Many people say he is a unicorn.

I read on the internet that Mitt Romney is a unicorn.

The Man from Ulandia: The Unauthorized Biography of Mitt Romney, states that Mitt Romney is a unicorn. If it is in a book, it must be true…

Why should you be concerned that Mitt Romney is a unicorn?

Unicorns are un-American.

Unicorns practice a weird religion that involves rainbows, puffy clouds, swirly pastels, and moonbeams.

The Constitution of the United States specifically prohibits unicorns from holding public office.

If a unicorn is president of the United States, our number one enemy, Unilandia, will soon dominate the world stage. While Unilandia has a small army in comparison to ours, their military complex boasts many horns. In fact, recent intelligence reveals that Unilandia has horns of mass destruction (HMD).

If we have a unicorn for president, back room deals with Unilandia will certainly lead to the loss of American jobs, particularly in the crucial areas of circus acts and stuffed animals.

A unicorn in the white house would lead to young people to engage in promiscuity

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Limbaugh tells Newt Gingrich to remove chapter on climate change from book – Newt says, “Yes, boss!”

A US climate scientist at the centre of a row over Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s stance on climate change has spoken out for the first time, condemning the polarisation of the issue.

Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University, had written a chapter for Gingrich’s upcoming book of essays on the environment. The chapter was aimed at climate sceptics, and those who fear it will cost too much to deal with climate change, but it was ditched by the presidential candidate after the book came under attack by rightwing talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Gingrich, desperate to shore up his conservative credentials, said of the chapter at a recent campaign event: “That’s not going to be in the book. We didn’t know that they were doing that and we told them to kill it.”

In her first extensive comment on the matter, Hayhoe told the Guardian she condemned the polarisation of a crucial global concern. “I really, really deplore the politicisation and polarisation of this issue. There are these increasingly unprincipled attempts to polarise the science when the science is fact – like the sky is blue, the grass is green and the temperature of our planet is increasing.”

The decision to drop her contribution arrived as a complete shock to Hayhoe, who was told in a 7 December email that her chapter had been accepted without major changes. Days later, the chapter was on the scrap heap…

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Book prize: Managing a Dental Practice the Genghis Khan Way

A book advising dentists on how to run their practices Mongolian warlord style has won the Diagram prize for oddest book title of the year.

Managing a Dental Practice the Genghis Khan Way, by former dentist Michael Young, offers a guide on how to build an empire in the dentistry field. It includes chapters on managing conflict situations, team building and “planning for disaster”…

In his book, Young argues that despite the western world viewing the legendary warrior in negative terms, his warmongering tenacity is required to build a successful business.

Its closest rival was 8th International Friction Stir Welding Symposium Proceedings, which details the development and application of friction stir welding at a German symposium last May…

This year’s other shortlisted titles were What Colour Is Your Dog?, The Italian’s One-Night Love-Child, Myth of the Social Volcano and The Generosity of the Dead.

Previous winners of the prize include Living with Crazy Buttocks, Greek Rural Postmen and their Cancellation Numbers, How to Avoid Huge Ships and Highlights in the History of Concrete.

Rock on Michael Young. I can’t wait to see if my dentist has read this, yet.

Michelle Obama writing garden book – proceeds go to charity

Michelle Obama is to follow in her husband’s footsteps by writing a book about the organic garden she started at the White House and her efforts to promote healthy eating.

The as yet untitled book will be published in April 2012, and will see the US First Lady describing how she was inspired to plant the first edible garden on the White House’s South Lawn since Eleanor Roosevelt’s World War Two era “victory garden”.

She will also share some of her family’s favourite healthy recipes, said Crown, an imprint of Random House publishers. Mrs Obama received no advance and would donate the proceeds to a charity to be determined later.

Explaining her reasons for writing the book, she said: “We’ve gotten food out of the garden, and we can eat it and it’s good. So we wanted to share the story with the rest of the nation and perhaps with the rest of the world, because we get so many questions about the garden: how did we do it? Why did we do it? How do I do this in my own home or community?” The book will include photos of Mrs Obama’s White House garden as well as other community, urban and school gardens around the United States.

The first lady has been a strong advocate of healthy eating and exercise and in February 2010 launched her “Let’s Move!” initiative aimed at beating child obesity and improving the quality of food in US schools.

Now, how many ways do you think the reactionaries of America will hate this book?

Republicans can whine about an attack on the profits of agribusiness, the subversive nature of organic gardening. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman will try to outdo each other in ignorance, assuming advice on diet and nutrition is something Americans need never consider.

The leading populists of our time, the KoolAid Party only needs to remind their obedient followers that Michelle Obama is well-educated – and Black.

Amarillo Fundies 0 – 1 Skateboarder

I used to be Amarillo on business every other week. Last stop on the way home from West Texas. Amarillo is Culture Wars 101.

Between the John Birch Society and warring fundamentalist Protestant sects – everyone hates someone. That some gnat’s ass little clot of Christians got together a dozen acolytes to burn someone else’s holy book probably wouldn’t garner local TV coverage.

They’d have to video record it themselves and give the coaster to a TV station.

This dude who broke up their book burning probably made it on camera because someone was there to watch him and the other skateboarders.


Ex-army chief says Tony Blair and Gordon Brown let troops down

The former head of the army today accused Tony Blair and Gordon Brown of letting down British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and described the case for the Iraq war as “most uncompelling”.

General Sir Richard Dannatt called Brown “malign” for failing to fund the armed forces adequately, and said Blair lacked the “moral courage” to make his then chancellor deliver the money that was needed.

The accusations were made in a book, Leading From the Front, which is being serialised in the Sunday Telegraph…

In his book, Dannatt wrote that the evidence for Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction – the official justification for Britain’s involvement in the 2003 invasion – was “most uncompelling” and the planning for the aftermath of war had been an “abject failure”.

While the 1998 strategic defence review (SDR) provided a “good framework” for defence policy in the Labour years, it was “fatally flawed” because it was underfunded by Brown’s Treasury and could not cope with the strains of deploying troops in Iraq and Afghanistan at the same time.

“History will pass judgment on these foreign adventures in due course, but in my view Gordon Brown’s malign intervention, when chancellor, on the SDR by refusing to fund what his own government had agreed, fatally flawed the entire process from the outset,” he wrote.

“The seeds were sown for some of the impossible operational pressures to come…”

Sound familiar? Insert the names “George W, Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney” in the appropriate locations and watch the hurried defense of political hacks who specialize in rear guard actions against any responsibility for their political disasters.

In both the US and UK, politicians who abdicated any responsibility to the real needs of their electorate and the world seem to gather on a frequent schedule, first, to screw up the world – and, second, to lie and avoid responsibility for what they did in the first place.

True Believers aid as best they can.