Philly Tea Party fail outdrawn by Philly Apple store opening?

I’m going to say yes. Based on the the photos and videos I’ve seen of the two events, more people showed up at the Apple store’s grand opening last Friday in Philadelphia than showed up for what was hyped as a national Tea Party rally in Philadelphia on Saturday, which featured speaker Andrew Breitbart.

For the record, the Philadelphia Inquirer put the Saturday Tea Party crowd at 300 (no, that is not a misprint), and reported that Friday’s Apple store opening drew “hundreds.’

Given that fact, it might be time for the country’s political press corps to start asking itself whether the Tea Party really is a national movement if it’s heavily hyped rallies are drawing smaller crowds than computer store openings.

The Tea Party, um, event was billed as a unity rally to show the world how people of color supported America’s leading rightwing nutballs.

Watching the video up top compared to the photos of the teabagger fiasco I Googled, I think Apple had more non-white employees working at the store – than brothers and sisters who checked out the Tea Party rally.


RNC throws teabagger Breitbart under the bus

The Republican National Committee has canceled a fundraiser with conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who is under fire for promoting an edited video that falsely portrays former Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod as having boasted about discriminating against a white farmer looking for her assistance.

Breitbart was scheduled to appear with RNC Chairman Michael Steele at a reception later this month in Beverly Hills…

The spokesman said the fundraiser was cancelled “To better capitalize on the fall fundraising season that happens post-Labor Day, while also lowering costs by utilizing existing trips to California.”

Michael Steele is concerned about lowering costs?

Breitbart has been under fire for posting the video clip of Sherrod that led to a rush to judgment and Sherrod’s forced resignation. She was later vindicated when her speech to a chapter of the NAACP was shown in full.

I look forward to the exercise in sophistry requiring neocons and libertarians to defend both the RNC and Breitbart.

Farmer aided by Shirley Sherrod is a USS Yorktown survivor!

Sinking of the USS Yorktown in the Battle of Midway

Roger Spooner, the farmer who appeared today on news shows backing up Shirley Sherrod’s story, and who was accused by Andrew Breitbart of being a liar and a “plant,” is not just a lifelong friend of Sherrod; he’s also a veteran of the Battle of Midway.

It’s been more than 67 years since Roger Spooner stood on the deck of the U.S.S. Yorktown, watching an air parade of kamikaze pilots dive into the carrier while he loaded 54-pound shells to fire at circling Japanese planes in a frantic attempt to keep the ship from sinking at the Battle of Midway.

While 165 men on the Yorktown died that day, 85 survived. Some of them remember portions of that day in June. Others remember most of what happened.

“I remember all of it,” Spooner said.

Spooner can almost smell the sea water mixed with oil when he talks about the day the Yorktown was sunk. Spooner and many of his mates spent about 10 hours bobbing up and down in the Pacific in nothing more than their skivvies and a life jacket.

“The dive bombers were coming down right on top of us, straight out of the sun,” Spooner said. “There was nothing we could do with them.”

Spooner said he remembers abandoning the Yorktown and diving into the ocean at about 2:30 p.m. He was rescued by a cruiser about 10 hours later.

That’s a long time to be alone with your thoughts.

“I thought about Iron City,” said Spooner, who joined the Navy in late October, 1941. Two weeks later, Pearl Harbor was bombed and Spooner was thrust straight into the war with no time to go home. “I didn’t think I was ever going to get back.”

I thought this might be the case the first time I saw Roger Spooner and his wife Eloise on TV. Not too many folks get to walk around with that Yorktown hat. Not too many left alive.

Most regulars here know I take a personal stake in the rights and needs of veterans. Especially World War 2 – because so many of my family and friends were personally affected by that war against fascism.

Creeps like Brietbart need to take their libertarian teabags and stick them where the sun don’t shine.