Storm Ciara helps break NYC to London speed record

As hurricane force winds of 90mph batter the UK, bringing travel misery and power cuts for millions, the weather has helped one plane set a new record.

While many faced flight cancellations because of Storm Ciara, BA flight 112 too just four hours and 56 minutes to complete a flight from New York to London late on Saturday evening, reaching speeds of up to 800mph…

It means the flight is likely to have broken the fastest-ever subsonic New York to London crossing time, smashing the previous record set by Norwegian Airways which took five hours and 13 minutes in January 2018…


Passengers thrown into panic over false crash alarm mid-flight

British Airways is apologizing to passengers of a trans-Atlantic flight after a recorded message announcing the plane was about to make an emergency landing in the ocean was mistakenly played over the intercom.

The incident, which happened on a flight from Miami to London late Friday, caused panic in the cabin.

Passengers told British newspapers that about three hours into the journey, a recorded voice suddenly announced: “This is an emergency, we will shortly be making an emergency landing on water…”

We looked at each other and figured we were both about to die. Families with children were distraught and people were in tears. It was very distressing,” passenger Duncan Farquharson told The Telegraph.

“About 30 seconds later, one of the cabin crew told us to ignore the announcement. … Imagining yourself plunging towards a cold, watery grave in the middle of the Atlantic is a pretty horrific thought, but they seemed very blasĂ© about it.”

British Airways isn’t saying whether a technical glitch or human error caused the recording to play…

“We apologized to customers for causing them undue concern.”

Har. Hopefully they offered everyone adult pampers. I certainly would have needed something.

British Airways chairman attacks TSA paranoia

The chairman of British Airways has said some “completely redundant” airport security checks should be scrapped and the UK should stop “kowtowing” to US security demands.

Practices such as forcing passengers to take off their shoes should be abandoned, Martin Broughton said. And he questioned why laptop computers needed to be screened separately.

He also criticised the US for imposing increased checks on US-bound flights but not on its own domestic services.

The US stepped up security in January in the wake of an alleged bomb plot. It introduced tougher screening rules, including body pat-down searches and carry-on baggage checks, for passengers arriving from 14 nations which the authorities deem to be a security risk. Passengers from any foreign country may also be checked at random…

America does not do internally a lot of the things they demand that we do,” he was quoted as saying in the FT. “We shouldn’t stand for that.”

“We should say, ‘we’ll only do things which we consider to be essential and that you Americans also consider essential’.”

Heavens to Murgatroyd. A British businessman standing up to the United States?

What will we confront next? Ordinary Americans refusing to be bullied by incompetent work-release dunderheads one step above mall cops?

Welcome back Mr Bin Laden!

British Airways is embroiled in fresh controversy after an in-house magazine promoted an iPhone boarding pass service showing a ticket belonging to Osama Bin Laden.

The sample ticket included Bin Laden’s frequent flyer number, suggesting he is a regular passenger with the airline.

LHR News – a staff magazine covering Heathrow Airport – carried the image on its front page…

Worse still, Bin Laden’s seat number – 7C – suggests he is in for a comfortable ride in a first class seat…

Sure, we all know how this probably happened. Someone filled in the blanks and forgot to change it before they got to publication.

You’d be surprised to learn how many bank accounts are opened for John Q. Public.