“Spam king” walks away from prison

An inmate known as the “spam king” for sending hundreds of thousands of unsolicited e-mails has walked away from a federal prison camp in Colorado.

U.S. Marshals, the FBI and IRS are looking for 35-year-old Edward “Eddie” Davidson, who left a minimum-security facility in Florence on Sunday. The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced his escape on Tuesday.

The office said Davidson was last seen in the Denver suburb of Lakewood, which is about 90 miles north of the prison camp.

Davidson was sentenced in April to 21 months in prison and ordered to pay $714,139 in restitution.

Put the sleazebag’s photo all over the Web. There should be tens of thousands of geeks willing to turn his butt in.

Russian ice camp is rapidly shrinking

Celebration at the start of the research camp…

Twenty Russian scientists are to be evacuated from their camp on a drifting ice-floe in the Arctic after it started disintegrating sooner than expected.

The Russians had set up research station “North Pole 35” on the floe last September when it measured a safe five kilometres long and three kilometres wide, and their original plan was to stay on it until this September.

But after enduring the permanent night of the Arctic winter and surviving the threat of polar bears, the scientists now find that their temporary home has shrunk to just 600m by 300m and faces complete break-up as it drifts towards a current known to contain relatively warm waters.

This evacuation comes as Canadian researchers report that the melting of the Arctic ice this year started at least four weeks ahead of the long-term average.

Separate teams of scientists in Canada and the US have forecast that this year’s seasonal melt of Arctic sea-ice may well reach or exceed last year’s record thaw in which the ice retreated to an extent not predicted for several decades.

Don’t miss the boat, folks.

Our politicians continue to do that; but, they aren’t risking their butts on an ice floe.