SELF Magazine makes fun of cancer survivor’s tutu

That’s Monika on the right

A San Diego runner and cancer survivor says she was snubbed by a popular women’s magazine that used a photo of her wearing a tutu to make fun of the fitness fashion trend.

Monika Allen says she was excited to receive an email from SELF magazine asking for permission to use a photo that showed her running the LA marathon dressed as Wonder Woman and wearing a tutu in an upcoming issue.

But when the April issue came out, Allen said she was “stunned and offended.”

The picture appears in a section of the magazine called “The BS Meter,” with a caption that refers to a “tutu epidemic” and basically makes fun of the women’s outfits, she said…

Allen said the photo was “really offensive for a couple of reasons.” The marathon came right in the middle of chemotherapy, and she says the outfit gave her motivation.

“The reason we were wearing those outfits is because this was my first marathon running with brain cancer,” Allen explained.

Another reason was that she made the tutu herself. Her company Glam Runners makes them and donates the money to Girls on the Run, a charity that sponsors exercise and confidence-building programs for young girls. She said she’s raised about $5,600 for the nonprofit by making about 2,000 tutus over the past three years.

Allen said she emailed SELF magazine Tuesday night. As of Wednesday afternoon, she had not received a response.

In a statement to NBC 7, SELF apologized “for the association of her picture in any way other than to support her efforts to be healthy.”

There are dozens of messages of support for Allen on the Glam Runner Facebook page. Just another example of a presumptuous style of journalism – assuming you know everything about an incident without checking in with easy and involved sources.

Apology noted. For what it’s worth.

Thanks, Ursarodinia

Nutball Catholics in Poland say Demon energy drink glorifies Satan

Furious with the drink’s arrival on the Polish market one website, entitled Satanism Shall Not Pass, said that its advertising campaign will lead to “billboards dripping with Satanism”, and has added its voice to calls for a boycott of all products made by Agros-Nova, the drink’s producer.

Demon…was “promoting evil, atrocities and the destruction of human souls.” Franciszek Kucharczak, editor of the Gosc Niedzielny, a respected religious magazine warned: “We have to fight against evil. We cannot keep quiet and let young people be absorbed into destructive ideals.”

Opponents of Demon have taken particular umbrage at the choice of Adam Darski, former lead singer of the Polish death-metal group Behemoth, to front the campaign. Mr Darski, who goes by the stage name Nergal, has long been the target of conservative, religious vitriol since he was accused in 2007 of insulting religious sentiment by tearing up a Bible on stage…

…Mr Darski, who survived cancer, said he would donate some of his fee for campaign to a leukaemia charity.

“I’ve never been much of a fan of such drinks but I love the idea behind it: the whole campaign has strong links to the cancer charity that found a bone marrow donor for myself,” said the singer on his website.

I love busting the chops of sectarian bigots who think the whole of society should obey the laws of their religion. I’m not a fan of energy drinks, either – other than my morning coffee – but, I have no problem supporting their entry into the marketplace. Especially if they poke fun at 14th Century ideology.

Jail refused meds to cancer survivor – held for $15 parking ticket


A New York state cancer survivor says she was held in jail in Buffalo for a weekend and denied access to her medication because of a parking ticket.

A month after she was released, Linda Arthur, 60, of Evans pleaded guilty to the parking violation and paid a $15 fine…

Arthur told the newspaper she decided to go public now because she is angry at the way staff treated all inmates as criminals even if they had not been convicted.

“They are passing judgment on people,” she said. “And that’s not their jobs.”

Her troubles began Dec. 27 when she went to local police to find out if they could help her get support from her estranged husband. Police found an arrest warrant from Buffalo.

She remained there until Monday, Dec. 29.

When she said she needed her tumor-shrinking medication, she was ignored.

The holding center already faces a lawsuit and a state investigation over the death of a 54-year-old woman who suffered a stroke after being denied her blood pressure medication.

Nice folks running Buffalo, eh?