Trump wants to add War Crime Bubbas to GOP re-election campaign

❝…After interfering with military justice in the case of Eddie Gallagher, and issuing pardons to Clint Lorance and Matthew Golsteyn, the president has reportedly been suggesting to allies that he’d like all three to become a fixture of his 2020 campaign…critics, including some military members and veterans, have suggested the pardons are a slap in the face to those who have served honorably and give soldiers carte blanche to commit heinous acts…

Trump clearly believes that campaigning with people like Gallagher—whose own ranks accused him of gunning down civilians, threatening to shoot other SEALs if they reported him, and stabbing a detainee to death—will help his reelection prospects. In the case of his base, he might be right…

I expect nothing less than obedience to their master’s voice from repeat Trump voters. Honesty, historic American values, the rule of law – all mean nothing to Trump’s “little people”. Followers of a hero without merit, courage, intelligence or principle. I’m afraid what most of them want is soothing syrup to coat their bigotry and fear.

Terrorist thugs try suicide attack on oil tanker in Persian Gulf

Daylife/Reuters Pictures used by permission

A Japanese oil tanker damaged in the Strait of Hormuz off Oman last month was hit by an explosives-laden dinghy, the Emirati state news agency has said. The report…was the first official confirmation that the incident that left a large dent in the hull of the M.Star was an attack.

An al-Qaeda-linked group said…that one of its suicide bombers had hit the tanker to avenge the plunder of Muslim wealth. If true, the claim by the little-known Brigades of Abdullah Azzam would mark the first time the armed group has attacked the Japanese…

The Marshall Islands-flagged ship, loaded with 270,000 tons of oil, was heading from the petroleum port of Das Island in the United Arab Emirates to the Japanese port of Chiba outside Tokyo.

In its claim posted on the internet, the al-Qaeda-linked Brigades of Abdullah Azzam carried a photo of the purported bomber pointing to a photograph of a tanker on a laptop.

It said the bomber was a “martyr”, meaning he had died in the attack…

The WAM report said the vessel left the Emirati port of Fujairah today after the damage to the hull was fixed.

These terrorist fools – masquerading as religious zealots – have neither the sense nor the sensibilities to refrain from attacks which would diminish the day-to-day lifestyle and values of the ordinary people in the region they claim as ideological fiefdom.

My experience with legitimate national liberation movements over the decades rarely had to deal with such sectarian stupidity. My usual suggestion would be that idiots like this should be deployed for exactly what they wanted – suicide missions.

Send them up against military forces who would grant their wish on the spot.