Cartoon: same difference

While I haven’t an overwhelming feeling of confidence in American voters – after all, they elected both Reagan and Bush the Little twice – I have a lot more hope for good sense in Bernie supporters.

My extended family are Bernie supporters for many different reasons. They all understand we still need a functioning Constitution, at least an opportunity to push the Tea Party fools and populists out of Congress.

If you understand how the Republican wing on Wall Street damned near crushed the world economy with Bush in office, you ain’t seen nothing if Trump and his 19th Century band of brigands gets to be in charge.

Cartoon: look at the size of that hairball!

We have a lot of great cartoonists in the United States. Honestly, I think as much as corporate media moguls have succeeded in homogenizing, watering-down what used to be the American press, they haven’t the guts to take away all of our cartoonists. Even the Liberal and Progressive flavor with the courage to point a finger at the class served by most of our politicians.