Corporate crooks falsified tests on rocket materials = 2 failed missions + $700 million loss

❝ An aluminum manufacturer charged with crimes and civil claims of fraud has agreed to pay $46.9 million to NASA, the Department of Defense, and many commercial customers. This comes after a NASA investigation uncovered a 19-year scheme by Sapa Profiles, Inc. that involved faked test results and the selling of faulty materials — actions which eventually led to two failed NASA missions and more than $700 million in losses… “Corporate and personal greed perpetuated this fraud against the government and other private customers, and this resolution holds these companies accountable for the harm caused by their scheme.”

More detail in the article. The feds seem satisfied. I’m not. Long ago, in another time and place, I performed MILSPEC tests – for a metals producer – that required periodic personal witnessing by an inspector representing the Pentagon. You can be certain there was no fudging of results. I imagine there was some “cost-saving” lie out of Congress that subverted that process.

Haagen-Dazs ice cream to be banned in Israel because it is made with real milk – WTF?

To the dismay of Israeli ice cream lovers, Haagen-Dazs may soon be disappearing from Israeli supermarket shelves following an announcement from the Chief Rabbinate banning the product.

A notice issued last week by the kashrut, a rabbinical body that sets Jewish dietary law, states that because Haagen-Dazs ice cream is made with real milk it is not suitable for Jewish consumers.

According to Talmudic law, milk produced by non-Jews can only be consumed if it is produced under Jewish supervision to ensure it has not been contaminated with milk from non – kosher animals. There is thought to be less chance of contamination with powdered milk.

As long as Haagen Dazs continues to use real milk, it will be off the menu for Jewish consumers. Selling the ice cream in kosher stores and restaurants also constitutes “a severe infringement of kashrut procedures”…

Israel’s largest supermarket chain Shufersal has already pulled the product off the shelves in all 270 of its stores. On Sunday a Shufersal representative confirmed they would not be selling the ice cream for the foreseeable future.

General Mills, which markets Haagen-Dazs in Israel, has hit back claiming its product has been sold in Israel and enjoyed by Jewish consumers across the world for years bearing kosher certification from the Orthodox Union in the US.

Why the ban has been issued now remains unclear. The rabbinate claim their notice about Haagen Dazs has been issued several times previously but gone unheeded, recommending Israelis turn to home-made kosher ice creams to fill the gap.

The crap regulation of public life by theocrats is as foolish and backwards in Israel as India, America as Afghanistan. Dedicating oversight of food purity to a religious circle-jerk is absurd. Bowing to so-called standards devised centuries ago and reinterpreted to satisfy a religion’s control rather than safety and nutrition based on science and reality – is absurd, inexcusable.

The historic meaning of “fool” is sanctified by a population that lets itself be led around by the nose by such foolishness.

A cuppa fair brew?


The Chamraj tea estate in South India was among the very first farms to receive fair trade certification in 1994. Now 15 years later, has fair trade made a difference to the lives of workers there?

The little video is neat to see how peoples’ lives have been affected at the grassroots level. Ignore the non-sequitur tacked onto the end. Honestly, though it sounds like a longer piece has been edited down, I think it just reflects editorial policy at the Guardian.

I love the paper and source it as much as any other; but, someone has decided you can’t present a piece that’s 100% positive. So, if the folks at this tea plantation have benefitted across the board from Fair Trade – the editors want to remind you that someone, somewhere else, isn’t doing as well.

Very fracking Presbyterian.