Celebrity cereal box lists phone-sex line instead of charity

The telephone number pasted on boxes of cereal named for Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco was supposed to be for a charity — but mistakenly directed callers to a sex line, the player’s agent said on Thursday.

The wrong number was given by the Feed the Children charity,” Ochocinco’s agent Robert Bailey said. “It’s a shame because it’s a good cause.”

The outspoken Ochocinco said he was confident the mistake — an 800 area code was substituted for 888 — would be corrected by PBL Sports, the marketing company behind “Ochocincos” cereal.

A portion of the $5 price of each box goes to the Feed The Children organization, according to PBL’s website.

In a tweet, the football player had directed fans to his own website and urged them to order his cereal, adding, “Start your day with a lil suga!!!”

That’s a genuine HAR!