Apologies for the absence, folks

Blame the usual villain in Northern New Mexico communications. Xfinity…still, best known as Comcrap.

Yesterday, they attempted a brief update to their system. Should only take an hour or two. Finally, I got up at 1:30AM to find the system was finally back up and running. Running being the operative word because it ran like crap. I went back to bed.

Up as usual, this morning at 6AM…it’s only taken an hour+ to get the “updated” interface to work. Now, we can access TV and the Interwebitubes. Breakfast is over. 2nd cuppa consumed.

Posting, commenting, etc. resumes.


* Here’s the cause of the outage. Followed by the carnival clown show described above. Fiber comm lines in the open strung between telephone poles! Welcome to New Mexico.

Tomorrow morning – my blogging will be back to whatever passes for normal in my life

We will get our first walk in with Rally before dawn. The second right at dawn. A third about a half-hour after that – right after breakfast. This time of year, we try to get her walks in before temperatures start to climb.

Then, I can return to my usual blogging schedule here – and at the other blogs where I contribute.

I have been offline for nine hours or more. I’m just getting to bed and – peering into my study – realized the internet connection has come back up.

I don’t know if I should blame the gremlins who manage the interwebitubes at the local Comcast hub or not. I’ll call in the morning and cancel the scheduled tech visit. It took six phone calls – two of which were dropped because of the lame cell service we get from T-Mobile – running out to buy a new modem to try [which I have to return, tomorrow] to even get as far as scheduling a service call.

Looking forward to catching up with news, happenings, science, politics, opinion – and expressing my feelings online about it all.