Only White Jail Guards Allowed Near the Cop Who Killed George Floyd

When George Floyd’s alleged killer arrived at a Minnesota detention center last June, the superintendent ordered that only white guards were allowed to interact with the disgraced cop. Now, eight correctional officers who worked at the jail where Derek Chauvin was being held have filed suit against the local county, alleging they were barred from doing their jobs because of their race.

The plaintiffs, who identify as Black, Hispanic, mixed-race, and Pacific Islander, are suing Ramsey County in Minnesota state court Tuesday, saying that Superintendent Steven Lydon, who oversees the county Adult Detention Center excused them and other correctional officers of color from interacting with Chauvin, and reassigned them away from their normal duties…

“Plaintiffs went to work expecting to do their jobs just as they had every day before that,” the complaint reads. “However, Defendant’s Superintendent, Steve Lydon, ordered that all correctional officers of color, including Plaintiffs, were prohibited from interacting with or guarding Chauvin, or going anywhere on the 5th floor, where Chauvin was held.”

RTFA. Some truly convoluted lies from the miserable hack in charge.

Dumb crook of the day!

Miami Beach police say David Weber’s first mistake was breaking into a car in a parking garage Monday night in order to quench an insatiable thirst for beer with the help of someone else’s credit card.

But, police said, his second, and by far more critical, mistake was walking into The Clevelander just before midnight and giving the card to a bartender — who noticed that he’d just been handed his own credit card.

After the initial shock wore off, the bartender had security call police, who charged Weber with credit card fraud and theft.

Weber, 53 and homeless, said he found the card on the ground, according to police.

He was booked…into Miami-Dade County jail.

Where he should stay for a while. Whether he wishes to or not.

New Mexico county holds man in solitary for 2 years without a trial — found guilty in $22 million lawsuit

A man who was held in solitary confinement for two years and was forced to pull his own tooth because he was denied dental health, has been awarded $22 million for violation of his constitutional rights.

Stephen Slevin, 58, from New Mexico, was awarded the sum of money – one of the largest federal civil rights settlements in history involving an inmate – after accusing Dona Ana County jail of essentially forgetting about him while he was in custody, not giving him the healthcare he needed and treating him inhumanely.

Outside the federal courthouse in Santa Fe today, Mr Slevin said it was never about the money for him but more about sending a message that prisoners should be treated more humanely…

“Prison officials were walking by me every day, watching me deteriorate. Day after day after day, they did nothing, nothing at all, to get me any help.”

The 58-year-old was arrested in August 2005 and charged with driving while intoxicated and receiving a stolen vehicle near Las Cruces. His lawyer said that, due to his history of mental illness, he was placed into solitary confinement. Civil rights attorney Matthew Coyte revealed it was here that his client started to deteriorate.

He said: ‘They threw him in solitary and then ignored him. He disappeared into delirium, and his mental illness was made worse by being isolated from human contact and a lack of medical care…’

While Slevin was in solitary confinement, his toenails grew so long they began to curl around his feet, he developed bedsores, fungus and dental problems and lost a lot of weight, according to the lawsuit…

Mr Slevin was eventually released after 22 months as a pre-trial detainee and the charges against him were dismissed…

The county had recently offered to settle the case for $2 million…despite previously denying there was a lack of medical care and that, as government employees, county officials deserved immunity from liability.

You should know two things about this incident: [1] Don’t judge every part of New Mexico law enforcement by this case; [2] If he had been a serious criminal, DWI-repeater or violent felon – he would have been out of jail in no time at all.