What’s the harm, eh?

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IF we make it past Trump’s attempt at a coup…
IF we make it to an inauguration in January…
IF we have enough Congresspimps willing to indict Trump for his crimes…

We should be ready to indict a helluva lot of Republicans as co-conspirators!

Family of Jacobo Arbenz receives apology for CIA coup — from Guatemala’s current president — not the United States

Jacobo Arbenz was overthrown as president of Guatemala in a CIA-backed coup in 1954, a seminal event that historians say set the Central American country on a path of dictatorships and civil war that would last for decades.

Even though he was democratically elected and popular at the time, after Arbenz was deposed, his reputation was ruined and he was written out of Guatemala’s history books. He died in exile in 1971.

This week, 57 years later, current President Alvaro Colom made a public apology to the Arbenz family, a large gesture in Guatemala. There is also a larger rehabilitation of the image of Arbenz under way. Textbooks are being rewritten and a new biography will soon be published.

But this clearing of Arbenz’s reputation does not console everyone. Some ask: When will the United States, which was behind the coup, apologize for its meddling..?

The apology “doesn’t have a lot of resonance in the United States — though it should,” said Stephen Schlesinger, an Adjunct Fellow at the Century Foundation and co-author of a book on the 1954 coup.

The United States, after all, was the power behind the event.

I figure the US government will apologize for the Guatemalan coup about 3 years before never – which is just before they apologize for for overthrowing Iran’s first democratically-elected government and reinstating the Shah on behalf of Big Oil.


Our track record of admitting to criminal acts — for whatever political reasons used to justify them at the time — sucks big time. Reactionary politicians and so-called think tanks spend a portion of their annual budgets rewriting history and offering the latest rationales to cover our buns before American voters and international politicians. Liberal politicians just blush and say someone else was responsible. Ignoring the fact that Democrats collaborated with Republicans for most of these crimes – including when the roles were reversed. As in the Gulf of Tonkin.

The rest of the world has a clear recollection of what we have done.

Secular Turks indicted for ‘coup plot’

Demonstrations supporting the secular state have counted millions on the streets

Turkish prosecutors have indicted 86 secular Turks on terrorism charges for their alleged involvement in plots to topple the Islamic-rooted government.

Aykut Cengiz Engin said the suspects, believed to include at least one former general and an opposition politician, were charged either with belonging to a terrorist organisation, or of provoking a military coup.

A court must now decide within two weeks whether to open the case.

The suspects accuse the government of eroding Turkey’s secular laws and making too many concessions to Christian and Kurdish minorities as part of the nation’s bid to join the European Union.

It doesn’t get more complicated than this…
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