Some of the crap Obama’s budget would eliminate — if Congress showed up for work

Though Republicans like to think of themselves as the party that cuts waste, fraud, and abuse, Democrats, too, propose putting the ax to programs that they’d like to see go away.

Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2017 budget proposal is no exception. Though it generally offers higher levels of government spending than Republicans favor, that doesn’t mean Obama loves every program the government runs. In fact, he’s proposing to entirely eliminate dozens of initiatives — often small grant programs — that his team has identified as superfluous or unnecessary.

Starting with the most unproductive program on the books:

The one that’s likely to get the most political attention is eliminating a $10 million-a-year grant program for abstinence-only education run by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The biggest proposed elimination is the Department of Justice’s $210 million State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, which reimburses state and local law enforcement agencies for costs incurred detaining immigrants.

The cut most likely to provoke backlash from liberals is probably the proposed elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency’s $13 million grant program for water quality research, which sounds pretty useful in light of the situation in Flint, Michigan.

Click the link above for the complete list.

Don’t get too focused on what these are called. We just avoided a portion of a bill in the New Mexico State legislature supposedly about a “Fair Work Week” that not only would have let reactionary city and town governments avoid the state minimum wage law – it would have reversed any raises previously granted by the minimum wage requirement.

Gotta love today’s Republican version of Class warfare.