Scotland Yard reaffirms — there is no patch for stupid!

Inspector Lestrade gets it wrong, again!

Scotland Yard has inadvertently shared the email addresses of around 1,000 victims of crime with each other, in a mistake that has been referred to the information commissioner.

The Metropolitan police said emails were sent out to 1,136 victims, mostly of car theft or pickpockets, as part of a survey… But the addresses were put in the wrong section of the email, which meant they were shared with other victims.

A Met spokesman said: “No other personal details were revealed and we are contacting everyone affected to explain what happened and to apologise…”

The emails were sent as part of the survey into whether victims felt they were receiving a better service following the introduction of a single telephone number for the investigation unit in London. They were sent in seven batches of between 119 and 198 recipients…

A spokeswoman for the Information Commissioner’s Office said it had received the referral and it was being examined.

She said the highest fine the office could issue was £500,000 but that was for breaches of data of an extremely sensitive nature, for example the sharing of details about child sexual assault victims.

This only qualifies as clumsy, incompetent and maybe stupid.