Czech Girl Scout stands up to skinhead at Nazi rally

❝ A 16-year-old girl Scout pictured standing up to a far-right skinhead has told the BBC she was not afraid of neo-Nazis and wanted more young people to stand up to fascism.

Lucie Myslikova, a film and animation student from the Czech city of Brno, was captured in her uniform confronting a shaven-headed demonstrator.

The rally was held on May Day by the neo-Nazi Workers Party of Social Justice…

❝ “I wasn’t afraid,” Lucie told the BBC by telephone from her school…”I went to the counter-demonstration as someone who was determined to change things. To me it makes sense to try and change the world around me,” she went on.

“I think young people should get involved in such things. They should be aware of what’s going on.

“You ask me if standing up to skinheads should be left to older people – well us, younger people, are going to be living here a lot longer than the older generation.”

❝ Lucie explained the argument with the unnamed man had been over refugees and migrants. She said she had told him that countries had a duty to help those fleeing war and conflict, and that in such cases borders did not exist…

“The main thing that’s struck me is that some people are now calling me an ‘extremist’, that being anti-fascist is somehow ‘extremist’,” she told the BBC.

“That seems to me to be the height of absurdity.”

Not anymore absurd than the fake news and alternative facts from Trump and his trained chumps. They think that Americans who demonstrate for democracy and transparency must be paid to do so. They have no comprehension of people, young or old, who believe in science and progress over fear and superstition.

For the small-minded that may be true.

Uh, which way does your dog face when (s)he poops?

Apparently true even for very, very big dogs

Dogs have been found to be sensitive to Earth’s magnetic field, and apparently align themselves along the magnetic north-south axis before they defecate.

Czech and German researchers studied 70 dogs during 1,893 defecations and 5,582 urinations over the course of two years, and found that when the Earth’s magnetic field was stable the dogs chose to align themselves with it. When it was unstable, such as during a solar flare, the dogs would become confused.

Their findings, published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology, show that the dogs were sensitive to the polarity of the field, though not as much to its intensity.

Dogs on leashes, however, do not consistently align themselves as such, mainly doing so when they are free to choose. Researchers are yet to figure out why dogs exhibit this preference.

Other animals have been found to exhibit similar behavior. Many of the scientists who worked on this study had previously researched similar behavior seen in common carps. They found that the common carp also used geomagnetic lines to align themselves in a north-south direction…

I was sufficiently bemused by this article to go and check on Sheila’s favorite pooping spots. Where she goes to poop when solo around Lot 4 – not when on an official walk with her people.

Sure enough, just about all of her poops are laid out along a north-south axis.

Norway men asked to don condoms for Sex Hour – instead of watching EURO 2012 on television

A Norwegian sexual health charity has asked the men of the country to don condoms for a “sex hour” on Thursday evening to raise public awareness about safe-sex.

Non-profit sex education organization RFSU would like Norwegian men to tear themselves away from the television coverage of the Euro 2012 soccer quarter final game between Czech Republic and Portugal for an hour of prophylactic-protected pleasure with a willing partner starting at 1900 GMT.

The campaign is a result of a study which found that Norwegians were the most sexually active Scandinavians, while at the same time using the least protection, exposing themselves to sexually transmitted diseases…

According to the study, 62 percent of Norwegians between the age of 20-35 years did not use a condom the last time they had casual sex…

Kloeew said it was important to always be prepared on the longest day of the year, when the sun was shining and casual sex encounters were more likely.

First, I’m not certain how they intend to evaluate the success of this “manifestation” as it would be called in Europe. Will men Tweet about an encounter? What if they can’t find a cooperative other at the right time? You really don’t need a condom when having sex alone.

Second, like a great many football fans, I’m hoping Portugal loses. today. Not that I’m a supporter of the Czech Republic team. I just can’t stand Ronaldo, his ego problems, his perpetual self-adulation. Can we make him play with a condom over his head?

Escaped kangaroo goes on underwear stealing binge!

I’ll just stay quite still and no one will notice me

A kangaroo is for the high jump after escaping from its owner and going on a knicker-nicking spree.

Benji bounced from garden to garden collecting ladies’ lingerie as it went. The two-year-old marsupial was only caught when one victim looked out of her kitchen window and saw it hopping it with her undies.

A spokesman for the police in Prague, Czech Republic, explained: “We had a call from the kangaroo’s owner saying it had escaped. At the same time, we started getting reports of a number of thefts from washing lines.”

He added: “We didn’t think they could possibly be related until the animal was caught red-handed.”

Benji’s owner Petr Hlabovic, 35, said: “I’m very relieved to have him back. I’ve got no idea what he thought he was up to – he certainly didn’t pick up the habit from me.”

That’s what they all say.

Thanks, Ursarodinia

Czech fugitive – working in US max security prison

Interpol Poster

A man wanted in the Czech Republic for drug and fraud crimes has been arrested while working in the US – at a maximum security prison.

Michal Preclik, 32, had recently been promoted to the post of corporal, the Associated Press reports…

Nebraska officials said they carried out a full background check on Mr Preclik and the fact he was employed was “a concern”.

But Mr Preclik’s wife, Kari, told reporters her husband had been granted legal residency in the US after testifying in another case and that she could not understand why he had been arrested now.

They told him that his status was protected here, that whatever he had done in his past was eliminated

Mr Preclik is currently being held in another prison, where he is fighting possible deportation to the Czech Republic. The exact reason for his arrest has not been made public…

Officials said the state would be reviewing its employment policy and procedures.

Obviously, no one in Nebraska’s Correctional System is familiar with The Google.