Patrick Lyoya’s father weeps at his son’s funeral

Lyoya was fatally shot April 4 in the Michigan city after he and the officer — who has not been identified — had a physical encounter. Lyoya’s family has called for the officer to be prosecuted; the officer is on paid leave while Michigan State Police conduct an investigation…

The shooter is finally being indicted – for 2nd degree murder.

RTFA! Lyoya was face down on the ground with the cop kneeling on his back. The cop draws his gun and fires one shot into the back of Lyoya’s head. What a fucking American hero!

Cops respond to an assault in a clothing store. Kill suspect, kill a customer and injure another!

In an incident the police chief called “devastating and tragic,” an LAPD officer fatally shot a teenage girl at a Burlington clothing store during a chaotic confrontation that also left a suspect dead and another person injured.

The teenager was at the store in North Hollywood trying on dresses for a quinceañera, an LAPD source confirmed…

The violence late Thursday morning, just two days before Christmas at a bustling shopping district, left many people stunned and sparked questions about what prompted police to open fire. The state attorney general immediately launched a probe of the shooting.

The ONLY guns at the scene belonged to the fucking coppers.

I said this before. I’ll say it, again. I still have my great uncle’s billy club. After he retired from the Mount Vernon, NY, police department, he gave me his billy club. His only memento from the job.

I asked him why he liked that club, so much? He answered, “I can stop a crime without shooting anyone.”

70-year-old Joyce Beatty had never been pepper-sprayed before!

…The pepper spray was new to her. It “shuts you down,” she told me in an interview this morning. “It gets into your lungs. You’re coughing profusely. You can’t see.”

Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch

It happened yesterday afternoon, when Beatty joined a group of demonstrators in downtown Columbus protesting police violence following the killing of George Floyd, a black man who died Monday after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes. In videos of the protest now circulating on Twitter, Beatty, with her gray hair, red mask, and hot-pink sweatshirt tied around her small waist, is easy to spot…

In that moment, Beatty told me, she wasn’t a member of Congress. She was just another black American attacked while protesting injustice—one of innumerable others across the long expanse of history. The events of the past week, she said, represent “a collection of historic anger.”

Truly readable interview. If we had more like her in Congress instead of the “same as it ever was”-crowd, we’d be getting more done on behalf of the overwhelming majority of working folks and families in this country…