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Flowers are placed on a monument inside the Athens’ Polytechnic school, on the eve of the 41st anniversary of a 1973 student uprising against the then military ruling junta in Athens. Yes, the junta was supported by the United States government.

Latin American leaders reject coup in Paraguay

Latin American countries have expressed concern at the ouster of Paraguay’s President Fernando Lugo, with leaders of three countries saying they will not recognise its new government.

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez, Ecuador President Rafael Correa and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Saturday said they would not recognise the government of newly-installed leader Frederico Franco, who was sworn in by the same senate which, minutes before, had voted out Lugo…

Federico Franco, the Paraguay’s newly sworn-in president, has reached out to Latin American leaders to minimise diplomatic fallout and keep his country from becoming a regional pariah…

Given that Franco is a flunky representing the only political party in Paraguay’s history that spent decades as the sole “choice” during extensive periods of dictatorship – why should anyone consider this latest effort anything other than a fascist takeover? Once again.

Senators found Lugo, a former Catholic priest with a string of outstanding paternity cases, guilty of performing his duties badly during the dispute last week that left 17 people dead.

An hour later, to cheers inside Congress and angry clashes outside, 49-year-old vice president Franco was sworn in as the new leader of one of Latin America’s poorest nations.

A torrent of furious responses poured in from across the region, not just from traditional leftist allies like Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela, but also from centrist and right-wing governments Argentina and Chile.

“Without any doubt there has been a coup d’etat in Paraguay. It is unacceptable.” Argentina’s Kirchner said…

Central American nations issued a joint statement urging the international community to reject Lugo’s impeachment.

In Washington, a US State Department spokeswoman, Darla Jordan, said: Blah, blah, blah.