Dubai recycles 50,000 gallons of cooking oil every day

Every single day, 14,000 eateries across Dubai discard roughly 80,000 gallons of cooking fats, oil and grease from some of our most favourite kitchens, enough to fill 1,600 average-sized bathtubs.

But thanks to a public-private partnership called Envirol inked in 2006 between Dubai Municipality and Blue — an eco firm owned by Al Serkal Group — up to 50,000 gallons of the contaminated greasy waste in Dubai are being collected from 7,000 eateries and transported to Blue’s recycling plant in Al Warsan.

For every gallon of oil and grease recycled, that’s one less gallon being dumped in Dubai Municipal landfills and the city sewer system, lessening the threat of it permeating groundwater or making its way into the sea…

The Blue recycling process converts 70 per cent of the oil waste to clean water to be used for irrigation, a further 20 per cent is converted to fertiliser for farming and gardening with the final 10 per cent turned into a refined oil to be converted to environment-friendly biodiesel.

Even small nations dependent upon producing crude oil for their GDP can sort out the need for recycling the stuff from a useless retail residue into more than one form for re-use.

Impressive construction projects — 2014

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The Dutch have a complex relationship with water – living in a country that floods a lot will do that to you. So one of the most unique new residential buildings in the Netherlands takes a particularly interesting approach to the problem. The Citadel is the world’s first floating apartment complex, consisting of 60 units atop a floating platform on a lake in the “New Water” development in Naaldwijk. Each apartment has a unique floor plan created from modular elements, and when completed the complex will float in water that’s 12 feet deep. It will be connected to the mainland by a floating bridge.

And here’s a link to the site showing all ten of the construction projects.

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Dubai solution to traffic problems? Ban poor from owning cars!


In many ways modern, Dubai seems like some sort of science-fiction utopia. It emerged from the Middle East’s desert seemingly overnight with some of the largest buildings in the world and it has police supercars patrolling the streets. It’s not all perfect, of course, and like many cities, it’s facing a mushrooming traffic issue. But officials may not deal with this growing congestion problem in a traditional way: the emirate is reportedly considering banning the poor from owning cars.

Hussain Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, reportedly suggested during a recent business forum in Germany that the emirate could impose motoring restrictions based on income. According to emirates-focused newspaper The National, “a salary limit scheme that would restrict car ownership to those earning above a certain monthly income” is among the options on the table. Lootah blames Dubai’s rapid rise in wealth for clogging the emirate’s roads with cars and dramatically increasing rush-hour traffic. “Everybody has their luxury life, but the capacity of our roads cannot take all of these cars without ownership laws,” he said in a speech…

…Dubai authorities are committed to reducing traffic congestion. They are also considering an increase on parking fees, fuel prices, toll road fees and insurance rates to further limit car ownership. As an alternative to driving, Dubai is attempting to improve its public transport system with a new tram system that began testing this week.

I hope no one passes this idea along to the Republican Party. They’ll be all over it like flies on dog poop. No doubt part of the platform in 2016 – endorsed by both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Though the alternative offered to car ownership would probably be a discount on shoes.

Dubai coppers the latest to add Lamborghini chase car

Dubai Police has added a Lamborghini Aventador to its fleet, the force announced on its Twitter feed.

On Wednesday, the official DubaiPoliceHQ feed posted a photo of its latest purchase driving outside Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest shopping centre, and said: “Dubai Police patrols, now at your service.”

The Lamborghini Aventador, named after a bull, is capable of speeds of up to 349km/h and has a price tag of around $400,000…

The Italian-made Lamborghini Aventador will be mostly dispatched to tourist areas to show – in the words of deputy police director General Khamis Matter al-Muzaina – “how classy Dubai is”…

The car is reported to be the crown jewel of a wider upgrade in Dubai police wheels.

The force is also adding some American Camaros cars.

How cool is this?

Brit facing jail time in Dubai for Prophet Mohammed insult

A British businessman is facing jail for insulting the Prophet Mohammed after getting into an argument in a shop in Dubai.

The man, named in court papers as Andrew Graham, 40, is said to have told Hassan Habib, a Pakistani computer salesman, that the Prophet was a “terrorist”. Insulting Islam is a serious offence in the United Arab Emirates, as in other Gulf countries, and can attract a fine and a sentence of up to a year in prison.

Mr Graham pleaded not guilty at a hearing in Dubai Courts on Tuesday, admitting he had an argument with Mr Habib but denying he had attacked the Prophet or muslims…

It was not the first time – he has had arguments in other outlet stores, according to my friends. But they are Indians and with me he increased the argument.”

The court was told Mr Graham had got into an argument with Mr Habib about the Taliban. When Mr Habib insisted that muslims were peace-loving, Mr Graham allegedly said: “All Muslims are mad and your Prophet Mohammad was a bad man. Your Prophet Mohammad was a terrorist.” Mr Graham…had to be told to change after arriving at court wearing shorts…

When you are a stranger in a strange land, discretion can be the better part of valor. Instead of trying to win every argument – especially with invective barely acceptable in your homeland – consider shutting up. And wearing long pants.