Standard Chartered CEO says UK/US politicos decided their response to the coronavirus “too late”

Standard Chartered Plc Chief Executive Officer Bill Winters said the authorities in London and Washington have been too slow in ordering the type of lockdown that China used to control the Covid-19 outbreak.

Speaking on Bloomberg Television, Winters became one of the highest-profile CEOs to criticize the Western response to the pandemic, saying the U.S. and U.K. had acted “too late.”

“I find it interesting to listen to the debate now that we in the West, or in the U.K., or in the U.S., couldn’t have done what the Chinese did because we don’t have that kind of society,” Winters said. “Well, we are doing what the Chinese did; we’re just doing it too late.”

Say it, again, Bill. Say it, again. The thousands who are dying for the mistakes of our politicians have no voice in this discussion…anymore.

Kidnapping for dummies – and don’t forget your notes!

An armed gang of would-be kidnappers were caught red-handed outside their intended victim’s house with hand-written instructions on how to carry out the snatch, a court heard today.

Apart from a list of “to do’s” about “acquiring cash” and a “deposit in unknown account”, it also included the various threats to be used, it was claimed.

The unlikely aide-de-memoire began with the word “blindfold” and then went on: “Ask him ‘Are you Mr David Bodman?” – the name of their intended victim and once a “wealthy benefactor” to alleged gang member Carl Wiltshire and his family.

The list of prompts even suggested his likely answer: “Yes”

“You had better come with us whether you like it or not. We are not going to hurt you but we will if we have to. We have been following you. We know where you work, where your close family and friends live.”

London’s Southwark crown court heard in addition to the notebook found on alleged gang member Daniel Joseph, he had a realistic-looking gun-shaped cigarette lighter under his armpit, as well as a rucksack containing all the “tools” needed for the planned midnight abduction.

It included water bottles containing de-icer and paint stripper which the barrister said may have been sprayed into Mr Bodman’s eyes or used on some cloth clamped over his mouth and nose to make him “dizzy and drowsy”.

In addition there was a Scream mask, two other masks, a roll of duct tape, a small hammer, a couple of glass cutters, and a length of material “which you, members of the jury, may think was to be put round Mr Bodman’s head once he had been bound up”.

These idiots qualify to be honorary residents of the State Pen here in New Mexico.

Sweet Home Alabama…England?

Council chiefs in Birmingham, England, were left red-faced when they mistakenly used a picture of their U.S. namesake in Alabama on thousands of official leaflets.

Pamphlets about recycling in the West Midlands bore an image showing the skyline of the city in the Deep South.

Under the headline “Thank You Birmingham!,” the picture showed office blocks in the U.S. city, rather than its own distinctive Rotunda tower and the curvy Selfridges store.

The council said it had made a mistake, but had no plans to recall the leaflets.

They’re probably City fans, as well.