Suffolk County serial killer has been studying the coppers

Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

Whoever killed four prostitutes, and possibly four other people, and then dumped their bodies in heavy underbrush along a beachfront causeway on Long Island appears to have a sophisticated understanding of police investigative techniques…

A series of taunting phone calls made to the teenage sister of one of the victims — calls that the police suspect came from the killer — were made from in or around some of the most crowded locations in New York City, including Madison Square Garden and Times Square, according to the people briefed on the case and to the mother of Melissa Barthelemy, that victim.

The locations, detectives say, were probably chosen because they allowed the caller to blend into crowds, so that if investigators pinpointed his location from the cellphone’s signal, they would be unable to pick him out of the crowd using any nearby surveillance cameras, one of the people said.

This fact, as well as the killer’s use of disposable cellphones to contact the four victims who have been identified — women in their 20s who advertised their services on Craigslist — suggested to some investigators that the killer was well versed in criminal investigative techniques, gleaned either through personal experience or in some other way, and could even be in law enforcement himself…

Also, the caller kept each of his vulgar, mocking and insulting calls to less than three minutes, according to the dead woman’s mother, Lynn Barthelemy. The caller made about a half-dozen calls over roughly five weeks to the victim’s sister.

One investigator said the brief duration of the calls thwarted efforts by the New York Police Department to use the signal to pinpoint the caller’s location and find him, something Lynn Barthelemy said they told her they tried to do four times…

Ms. Barthelemy’s body was one of four uncovered over the course of three days in December in the thick undergrowth along Ocean Parkway, near Gilgo Beach, in the town of Babylon. All were dumped in burlap sacks.

RTFA for a bit more detail. I guess back in the day before the multiplicity of CSI variants on TV it would have required a bit of research to know how forensic investigation has moved on since the days of Quincy.

We even had a suicide here in New Mexico that imitated an episode of CSI in an attempt to make it look like murder. Life imitates art, once again.

Glenn Beck manages to get Fox News dumped in the UK!

Waitrose, which prides itself more on its “quality food, honestly priced” than staring down rightwing attack dogs, has become the latest firm to pull its ads from Fox News after presenter Glenn Beck’s remarks about the US president….

Beck’s outbursts prompted dozens of companies – among them Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Travelocity – to withdraw their adverts from his show for fear that their businesses might become tainted by association.

Now Waitrose, which advertises on the channel carried by Sky in Britain, has followed suit after customers complained about the Glenn Beck Show.

An angry Waitrose shopper who emailed the chain to express his distaste over its decision “to be associated with this particular form of rightwing cant” received an apology last week.

We take the placement of our ads in individual programmes very seriously, ensuring the content of these programmes is deemed appropriate for a brand with our values,” said a customer services spokesman. “Since being notified of our presence within the Glenn Beck programme, we have withdrawn all Waitrose advertising from the Fox News channel with immediate effect and for all future TV advertising campaigns.”

It’s called voting with your wallet, folks.

You boycott idiot TV Talking Heads with the press of a button on your remote. Cumulative emails encourage sponsors to do the same.

Dump your elderly aunt at a shelter – drive on to Disney World

A North Carolina family has come under fire for abandoning their 96-year-old aunt on Sunday at the Manatee County Salvation Army and then heading to Disney World.

The Salvation Army said it agreed to take in Ruth Smith after receiving a call from her niece, Beverly Edwards, who seemed anxious to drop off Smith. “They (the family) said they could not wait to get back in the car,” said Ashley Butler of Aging Safely. A judge has appointed Butler as Smith’s guardian.

Butler said she talked to Edwards by phone at Disney on Wednesday. “She did not ask me once how she was doing,” Butler said. “She was more upset about the fact that it was raining at Disney.”

Butler described Edwards, a foster mom from Asheville, as nonemotional when explaining it cost too much to care for Smith and that the family needed Smith’s room.

“Last winter they had to spend $300 a month to keep the house warm because she’s always cold,” Butler said. “And they had a niece who graduated from college and needed Ruth’s room, and she could help care for the foster children.”

Granny dumping is as sleazy as any miserable low-life practice. Dumping a family member on charity because they’re in the way of your holiday is as despicable as it gets.