Basque premier’s trial thrown out of court

Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law!
Daylife/Reuters Pictures

A Spanish court has thrown out a case against the head of the Basque regional government, who was accused of illegal contacts with banned separatists. The court acted after the prosecution admitted that the contacts were not illegal, after all.

Basque Nationalist politician Juan Jose Ibarretxe went on trial last week, along with two members of Spain’s governing Socialist Party. They had met the separatist group Batasuna during a failed peace effort.

Five members of Batasuna were also on trial in the case, which was thrown out of court…

But the Basque region’s Supreme Court ruled that the case was illegitimate, since prosecutors themselves had asked that it be dropped, saying holding talks with Batasuna was not actually against the law.

Trials for talking to someone, for thinking out loud, for building communications instead of bombs – are the stupidest, most cowardly, political acts in civil life.