Ex-presidents normally keep security clearances. Trump shouldn’t be trusted!

Brendan Smialowski/AFP

When David Priess was a CIA officer, he traveled to Houston, he recalls, to brief former President George H.W. Bush on classified developments in the Middle East.

It was part of a long tradition of former presidents being consulted about, and granted access to, some of the nation’s secrets.

Priess and other former intelligence officials say Joe Biden would be wise not to let that tradition continue in the case of Donald Trump…

They argue soon-to-be-former President Trump already poses a danger because of the secrets he currently possesses, and they say it would be foolish to trust him with more sensitive information. With Trump’s real estate empire under financial pressure and his brand suffering, they worry he will see American secrets as a profit center.

Not that I have beaucoup confidence in any of the standards guiding our “national security” boffins. But, I wouldn’t trust Trump any farther than I could throw him uphill into a heavy wind.

Taiwan’s former president Chen, wife sentenced to life

Chen supporter attacks Reuters photographer outside court
Daylife/Reuters Pictures used by permission

Former Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian was convicted Friday on corruption and money laundering charges, and was sentenced to life in prison, according to officials at Taipei City Court.

He was fined $6.1 million as well.

Chen’s wife, Wu Shu-chen, who earlier had been convicted of lying to prosecutors, also was convicted on similar charges. She received a life sentence and was fined U.S. $9.1 million…

The former president’s corruption trial began in March. It is the first for a former head of state, and has gripped the island for months. He has denied wrongdoing and has said the charges are politically motivated.

Sounds like Dick Cheney is writing his copy.

Prosecutors say Chen embezzled $17.7 million, took bribes, laundered money and illegally removed classified documents from the president’s office.

Chen has countered that the bribe money was actually political donations. He has also said that a special presidential fund from which he is accused of embezzling does not clearly say what the money can and cannot be used for.

Oh. Well I guess that explains it all. To the supporters of his political party, anyway.

Looks like the courts accept a different analysis.