Congressional free subscriptions to HUSTLER continues

Flynt often makes million-dollar offers for proof of gay or straight sex with members of Congress

The publisher of Hustler says they will continue to send the monthly porn magazine to every member of Congress.

“Moses freed the Jews, Lincoln freed the slaves, and I just wanted to free all the neurotics,” said publisher Larry Flynt.

Flynt has been sending the monthly issue of the magazine to every member of Congress for 30 years. Several members have tried to stop the mailings but have failed. Now their offices just learn how to deal with it.

Some members warn interns and tell them to throw it out, and some staffers use it as a monthly joke on unsuspecting coworkers.

Flynt says the mailing falls under his right to free speech and they will be sent every month like always in an attempt to loosen up the nation’s lawmakers.

Aside from his “unique” sense of humor and decorum, Flynt has spent more than a few buck$ defending free speech. Not that everyone in Congress will acknowledge that.

Cleric says women should only expose one eye

Way too seductive says the sheik

Women in Muslim societies should be required to wear a full veil that only reveals one eye to the outside world, a cleric in Saudi Arabia says. Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said Muslim women should begin wearing full veils, known as niqabs, to prevent them from attempting to look more seductive.

The cleric said by allowing women to show both eyes to the public, they would be more prone to wear make-up that would give them a seductive appearance.

I wonder if the sheikh cares about women falling down stairs from lack of perspective?