Brilliant laundry detergent ad urges men to do more housework

This ad from India for laundry detergent movingly shows how women deal with the “second shift” — working all day and coming home to even more household chores. And it shows how we could break the (laundry pun intended) cycle:

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 5.47.42 PM
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The ad is going viral after Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg shared it on her profile, calling it “one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen.”

In the two-minute ad, a father visits his grown daughter and her family and watches her — after a day at work — juggle work calls and dinner preparations and her son’s stained shirt.

Meanwhile, her husband watches TV. “I am so proud. And I am so sorry,” her father says in voiceover. “Sorry that you have to do all this alone. Sorry that I never stopped you while you were playing house. I never told you it’s not your job alone, but your husband’s too. But how could I say it when I never helped your mom either?”

We later learn that the voiceover is a letter, and her father closes by promising to do better, starting with doing his own laundry from his trip to visit his daughter…

Own up, dudes!

Dad hands 6-yr-old loaded gun. 6-yr-old shoots her sister. No charges for dad.

A New Mexico father isn’t facing any charges after his six-year-old daughter accidentally shot her sister. San Juan county chief prosecutors told the Farmington Daily Times the Flora Vista father violated basic firearms rules and was negligent but that negligence did not rise to a level of a crime.

In January, the father handed the .22-caliber rifle to his 6-year-old daughter to take to another room, but she pointed it at her 8-year-old older sister and pulled the trigger hitting her in the neck. The 8-year-old survived.

The mother of the girls says the family has since removed all firearms from their home and the father suffers from incredible guilt.

So, I guess we don’t need laws covering stupid acts which cause harm and pain. We can rely on feelings of guilt to cover everything. No, I have no interest in sending this unnamed dad to the slammer; but, he could be properly charged and judged. Even if he gets officially warned, lightly sanctioned, it tells the NM public you can’t avoid laws on the basis of screwing up.

That’s about right for New Mexico. We recently had an off-duty cop run a red light and T-bone a car, killing one of two sisters and seriously injuring the other. He got 90 days for misdemeanor careless driving.

Why Mohamed El-Erian left Pimco – to be a proper dad

Betty Liu, Mohamed El-Erian
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One of the leading political economists in the world staggered everyone when he walked away from PIMCO. Long accepted as next in line – ready to take over full countrol of the world’s largest bond investing firm when Bill Gross retires – people were shocked when Mohamed El-Erian left with no plans for his next career, no move to another investment firm.

His first interview in the four months since he departed PIMCO was this morning – with Betty Liu of Bloomberg TV. And while it’s all interesting to economics and politics geeks, the most memorable moment was him describing the interaction with his 11-year-old daughter that really provoked this change.

Brooklyn granny hustled the government for almost 20 years

A Brooklyn grandma got off with no jail time Thursday after pleading guilty to cashing her dead father’s Social Security checks for nearly 20 years…

Eva Rosenbluh, 65, was so overcome by emotion her lawyer had to finish reading a statement in which she called the fraud conviction “very humbling and shameful.”

Her father, Andor Rosenbluh, had died of leukemia at 83 in 1994, but she continued collecting his monthly checks of $1,234 — which were deposited in a JP Morgan checking account in both their names, according to court papers.

The scheme unraveled last year after she closed the account and a check was returned to the Social Security Administration. Questioned by a Social Security employee, Rosenbluh lied, claiming that Andor Rosenbluh was her uncle and that he was still alive in a nursing home, the court papers state. The total theft was $218,194.52.

Rosenbluh agreed to sell her three-family home in Borough Park within the next 90 days to repay the government in full.

It was all a ruse, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Paulsen, and deserving of a jail term within the recommended federal sentencing guidelines of 18 to 24 months to deter others from defrauding the government.

Paulsen forcefully argued that the fraud was not a one-time occurrence…“She did it for nearly half her adult life,” the prosecutor said. “She is paying back what she took … essentially a 20-year, tax-free loan from the government.

Federal Judge Allyne Ross appeared to be moved by the defendant’s tears and remorse. The judge said Rosenbluh posed no risk of committing another crime and a jail sentence would serve no purpose.

“I believe the punishment effected by the loss of her home, the restitution and personal pain is sufficient,” Ross said.

Rosenbluh was placed on probation for three years but no additional fine was imposed.

What is there to say?

I will file this in the back of my head if I ever need it. I can do remorse as well as anyone else.

Man comes to his sister’s aid – kills burglar – his own son

A Connecticut man responding to his sister’s call for help during an apparent burglary at her home next door, shot and killed a masked intruder who turned out to be his own teenage son…

Tyler Giuliano, 15, was wearing a ski mask and appeared to be armed when he was shot on Thursday by his father, who authorities declined to identify, said Lieutenant J. Paul Vance, a spokesman for the Connecticut State Police.

The father’s sister, who lives next door, was home alone before 1 a.m. when she called him to report someone trying to break into her home. The father went over to investigate and was approached by a masked person dressed entirely in black and holding a shiny object…

“Believing the suspect was armed with a weapon and about to attack him, the (father) discharged his personal handgun at the suspect,” police said.

Giuliano was pronounced dead at the scene.

“(He) was lying on the ground in the driveway with obvious gunshot injuries, holding a weapon,” the statement said.

Vance declined to further describe the weapon.

Phew! You could write fourteen books, movie and TV scripts for this one.

American priest, commentator for the Vatican, admits he’s a daddy

A telegenic American priest, widely known for his media commentary from Rome on popes, prayer and personal morality, has publicly acknowledged having an affair and fathering a child — the latest jolt to hit his scandal-torn religious order, the Legionaries of Christ.

The priest, the Rev. Thomas D. Williams, apologized…“for this grave transgression” and “to everyone who is hurt by this revelation.” He said he would take a year off from public ministry to reflect on his transgressions and his “commitments as a priest” — a decision he said he made with his superiors…Is that a paid sabbatical?

The order’s founder, a Mexican priest named Marciel Maciel Degollado, died in 2008 amid revelations that he had sexually abused young seminarians, misappropriated money and fathered several children, some of whom say they were also victims of his sexual abuse. Only last Friday, the Legion acknowledged that seven of its priests are being investigated by the Vatican in connection with the sexual abuse of minors…

Jim Fair, a spokesman for the Legion, said the order had not paid any financial support to the child or the mother. He added that Father Williams was staying with his parents in Michigan and was recovering from cancer surgery.

…The Associated Press and The National Catholic Reporter broke the news on Tuesday after learning of allegations made by a Spanish association of Legion victims about multiple sexual improprieties by Father Williams.

Father Williams, who joined the Legion in 1985, was ordained a priest in 1994, and rose to become superior of the Legion’s general directorate in Rome. He is the author of many books on spirituality, including “Knowing Right From Wrong: A Christian Guide to Conscience,” and “The World as It Could Be: Catholic Social Thought for a New Generation…”

Susan Gibbs…a media consultant for Catholic organizations, said – “He really helped people understand how the church worked.”

Har. Got that part right!

Manchester coppers failed to contact father about his son’s murder — before he read about his death on Facebook

Daylife/Reuters Pictures used by permission

Police have apologised after it emerged that the father of a student shot dead in Manchester on Boxing Day found out about his son’s murder on Facebook.

Anuj Bidve, 23, was shot in the head at point-blank range as he walked with friends near their hotel in the inner-city Ordsall district of Salford in the early hours of December 26. The murder of the Indian student is being treated by detectives at Greater Manchester Police (GMP) as a hate crime which may have been racially motivated.

Assistant Chief Constable Dawn Copley, who has overall command for the investigation, confirmed that Subhash Bidve, the victim’s father, read a post on the social networking site before officers were able to get in touch to deliver the news first.

She said: “That is not the way anyone should have to find out something so devastating and we completely understand how upset the family are. Social networking is instantaneous and we have no control over when and what people post on such sites, but no one should hear such tragic news in this way.”

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Dad harassed for taking photos of daughter eating ice cream

One of the “terrorist” photos

A father has been questioned by police under anti-terror laws for taking pictures of his own daughter in a shopping centre.

Chris White was approached by staff after taking a photograph of four-year-old Hazel eating an ice cream in the Braehead shopping centre near Glasgow on Friday afternoon. Mr White was questioned by a security guard, who told him it was illegal to take pictures in the centre. He was then asked to delete any photos he had taken from his mobile phone.

Mr White explained that he had already uploaded two photos, in which his daughter was pictured riding a novelty motorbike in an ice cream parlour, to his Facebook page.

The police were called and Mr White was told there were “clear signs” saying no photographs were allowed. He said one officer claimed that he was within his rights to confiscate the mobile phone containing the pictures under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Lazyass coppers everywhere in the Western world have learned they can shout “Terrorist” and get away with crushing the civil rights of any ordinary citizen.

A Facebook group set up in support of Mr White has called for supporters to boycott the Braehead shopping centre in protest over his treatment. By Monday afternoon, more than 7,700 people had “liked” the ‘Boycott Braehead’ campaign page.

A spokesman for Braehead said…”We have a ‘no photography’ policy in the centre to protect the privacy of staff and shoppers and to have a legitimate opportunity to challenge suspicious behaviour if required. However, it is not our intention to – and we do not – stop innocent family members taking pictures.”

Then put up longer signs with all the ifs, outs and excuses. Meanwhile, the question remains about the legitimacy of inventing private regulations which are counter to constitutional rights. Even for Glaswegians, right?

Supt George Nedley, of Renfrewshire and Inverclyde division…said a full review had been launched.