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The blistering, June heat didn’t stop Marine veteran Todd Winn standing outside the Utah Capitol to protest police brutality for hours…

“When I put on the Marine Corps uniform for the first time in 2004, I swore to support and defend the Constitution,” Winn wrote in an open letter in June. “There’s no qualification on that. It’s not until a specific date, or only for certain people.”

“As courageous voices around the world rise together in a deafening roar to oppose the injustices facing our fundamental human rights, I stand humbled among you,” Winn wrote. “Racism, bigotry, hatred — these deplorable ideologies lead only to misery and suffering. History has proven this time after time.”

Solidarity, Marine…solidarity. Thank you.

John Lewis wasn’t cynical about change

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Q. Ever been beaten by “the law’ in a demonstration like this?

A. Yes

Q. In recent years?

A. I’m a retired old geezer. Don’t make it to demos much, anymore. The digital world helps me get my thoughts out, nowadays.

Q. Is the United States as racist, now, as it was BITD?

A. Pretty much. Yes. Politicians try to be more slick about disguising it – while letting the average voter know how they really feel.

Q. Think it will ever change?

A. Maybe. Not in my lifetime. I hold no brief for legislating understanding, good sense or progressive thought. It would be satisfaction enough if our politics graduated to protecting everyone who believes in equal rights, equal opportunity, building a society structured to provide education sufficient to open all these doors. Someone once said to me, “I don’t care if they don’t love me, I just don’t want them to get away with spending time trying to kill me.”

The Winnah!…this week

Thanks, gocomics.org

Though I must point out to Steve Benson – if he ever notices I’m posting one of his cartoons – I’m older than either of these guys. My personal politics are a tad to the Left of both. Have been since the first time I got together with a bunch of folks from SNCC to join the sit-ins at lunch counters I’d never recommend to anyone, anyway.

And I still understand that getting that lowlife scumbag out of the White House remains the highest priority.