Poet Martín Espada knows about banned books

Martín Espada, the recipient of the 2021 National Book Award for poetry whose past works were the targets of conservative outrage, is urging authors of recently banned books to forge on…

Espada tackles the everyday lives of people struggling with poverty, migration, climate change and loneliness in his latest collection, “Floaters: Poems”…

“The same insidious forms of racism that motivated me to speak as a poet 30 plus years ago…is still there,” Espada told Axios…

While Espada says he’s encouraged by racial progress and more Latino writers getting published, barriers remain, and actions like books bans are attempts to reverse gains.

Banning books is further illustration that American conservatives in general still haven’t escaped from the 19th Century. They can’t even get into modern thought with their lame excuses. May as well stick with quoting the Old Testament.

Man jumps off Montana bridge, lands on inner tuber below

Andy Hill

A man who jumped from a Montana bridge into the Clark Fork River, landing on an inner tube rider and breaking his legs, could face charges, officials said.

The unidentified jumper leaped from the Bandmann Bridge in East Missoula, Mont., into the river Sunday at a spot popular for “floaters” in the pastime of “tubing,” people riding downriver on inner tubes.

He slammed into floater Andy Hill, riding an inner tube tethered to one carrying his wife Amy, KECI-TV, Missoula, reported.

“Someone had jumped off the bridge and landed on me,” Hill later said. “There was a guy in my lap, and he rolled off my lap and he just kept apologizing.”

The jumper swam to shore and was being sought by police. The Missoula Sheriff’s Department said he may have been injured and could face criminal endangerment charges.

Hill has broken bones in his legs and torn ligaments in his knees

What was this idiot trying to prove? Just some clown jumping into the river? This poor dude Andy Hill had just gotten out of hospital and was recuperating from lung surgery. Cripes.