“NoVax Semen will be the Next Bitcoin”

Anti-vax buffoons are reportedly claiming that “unvaccinated semen will be the next Bitcoin”, despite studies suggesting that the vaccine has literally zero impact on your baby juice.

As reported by Vice, anti-vaxers are claiming that their semen will be in “high commodity” in a few months to a year’s time when the rest of us are vaccinated…

In one now-deleted Reddit thread about this, one user claimed that they were “going to retire as a ‘cum cow’”. Another reportedly vowed: “Mark my words that unvaccinated sperm and blood will be in high commodity in a few months to a year.”

Click the link, RTFA, check the results of testing.

Conspiracy theories are killing us

When popular opinion is fuelled by good sense and sane laws then popular opinion can serve us well. When it’s fuelled by conspiracy theories it can serve us poorly. It can lead us to reach bad conclusions about historical events, like the Kennedy assassination or the moon landings or the attacks of 9/11.

And sometimes the consequences of conspiracy theories can be deadly. They can lead us to think that the side effects to vaccines are somehow worse than the diseases they cure, that global warming is a hoax and we don’t need to recycle, that racism isn’t a real problem, that it’s a scam of the “woke.” People actually lose their lives every single day because of these conspiracy theories, and there is every indication that conspiracy theories are increasing in number at an alarming rate.

We are, in short, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, and I am not talking for once about coronavirus. Conspiracy theories are a major sociological problem and they are going viral thanks to the internet. Conspiracy theories — such as the 2020 election was rigged or that masks and social distancing are taking away our Constitutional freedoms or that coronavirus vaccines have a microchip in them — are being cynically and deliberately employed to powerful effect by the Republican Party.

Nothing new about politicians lying to get their way. In a nation with a significant portion of the economy governed by advertising dollar$, we might think folks had already figured that out. But, on one hand [this is strictly subjective], I think advertisers simply can’t getaway with lying as much as life before the Internet. On the other hand…the article even suggests this…the Internet swallows up any critical evaluation of information that might straighten out the gullible and spits crap back out as fact…when offered by cultural heroes of no value whatsoever. Like the meathead up top of this post.

No problem, eh?

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I wouldn’t dump just on Texas – except for the ignoranus lawmakers! Been 5 whole weeks since the last mass shooting in the Lone Star State. Over that span, California has had at least 5 separate mass shootings.

If Fox News were around in the 50’s…

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This commentary is excerpted from an email I sent off literally 5 minutes before I saw tonight’s cartoon.

In the 1940’s – when I was a kid in elementary school and spring came around to the East End of Bridgeport, there were a couple of constants. (1) We’d get ready to start playing baseball, again. There always were seasonal pickup games of basketball or football; but, baseball was the sport for our neighborhood. (2) We’d look around as kids would start gathering to and from school, afternoon sports time, weekends – to see who died over winter.

Diphtheria vaccination was becoming widespread; still, we’d always lose at least one kid over winter. Going into spring and summer, polio was the scariest. There often was a survivor or two clattering through the neighborhood on crutches … And another one or two missing.

We learned to embrace vaccination, parents and kids alike, as the best modern survival medicine on Earth. I can’t recall more than one True Believer of the breast-beating Christian category who refused to be vaccinated. And, yes, he died before he was old enough to vote. My peers and I said, “he got what he deserved”.

Our government, our educators, have grown soft in the head and lax since the bad old days … Ignoring the propaganda of religious nutballs and ignoranus conservatives. They deserve the blame … and most of the responsibility to bring education and understanding back up to standard. In my not-at-all-humble opinion.

Ed Campbell

Among the Insurrectionists

By Luke Mogelson

Balazs Gardi for The New Yorker

By the end of President Donald Trump’s crusade against American democracy—after a relentless deployment of propaganda, demagoguery, intimidation, and fearmongering aimed at persuading as many Americans as possible to repudiate their country’s foundational principles—a single word sufficed to nudge his most fanatical supporters into open insurrection. Thousands of them had assembled on the Mall, in Washington, D.C., on the morning of January 6th, to hear Trump address them from a stage outside the White House. From where I stood, at the foot of the Washington Monument, you had to strain to see his image on a jumbotron that had been set up on Constitution Avenue. His voice, however, projected clearly through powerful speakers as he rehashed the debunked allegations of massive fraud which he’d been propagating for months. Then he summarized the supposed crimes, simply, as “bullshit.”

This is Luke Mogelson’s story, published in THENEWYORKER. Click on the link in the first paragraph of his story. Read the article, a tale of woe, of ignorance, of racism and bigotry.