Wii supply has finally caught up to demand

Daylife/Reuters Pictures

GameStop, the leading boutique video game retailer in the U.S., finally has enough supply of Nintendo Wii consoles on store shelves to satisfy consumers who want to simply walk in the store and pick one up. In an interview with Gamastura, GameStop Senior Vice President of Merchandising Bob McKenzie told the publication that his company waited almost three years for this to happen.

“Three years later, we finally have enough inventory on the shelf, and we’ve got a couple of weeks in supply,” he told Gamasutra.

Wow. No longer do potential buyers need to wait in line, call GameStop to find out if Wiis are available, or search elsewhere for a stray console. The Wii is just available.

Remember when the Wii was first announced? It was April 2006. Everyone was expecting Nintendo’s secret new console to be called
Revolution. And then, in what would become a joke for months, Nintendo announced that its new console would be called “Wii.”

Nintendo listened to the jokes about the name, and probably expected them, but kept pressing on until the console was shown to journalists and gamers–who became believers.

And that was the first step in Nintendo’s dominance over this generation.

Unless you’ve been living in the basement with your Playstation or XBox for the last three years, now you know – Nintendo is back in a big way.