Fake President ordered to repay $2 Billion he stole from his fake charity

Carolyn Kaster/AP

❝ A New York state court has ordered President Trump to personally pay $2 million to settle a lawsuit over the misuse of funds from the now-defunct Trump Foundation to further his political ambitions…

❝ The award is a part of the settlement in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit against Mr. Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. The lawsuit, filed in June 2018, claimed the foundation’s directors skirted New York’s charity laws, allowing the president to use foundation funds for his personal, business and political interests, including coordinating with his 2016 bid for the White House. The Trump Foundation announced it was shutting down last year, amid allegations that the money was used for Mr. Trump’s personal benefit…

❝ The court order comes after another big loss for Mr. Trump, after a federal appeals court in New York ruled Monday that the president’s tax returns can be turned over to state criminal investigators.

Throw the crook in jail. Throw away the key!

Trump executive order on Dakota Pipeline violates law and tribal treaties

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❝ The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe said…that President Donald Trump’s executive action towards an approval of an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline risks contaminating tribal and American water supplies while disregarding treaty rights. The Trump administration’s politically motivated decision violates the law and the Tribe will take legal action to fight it.

❝ The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers rejected DAPL’s request for an easement late last year, finding that the agency had failed to fully consider the impacts of the pipeline on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The Department of the Army pledged to conduct a full environmental review of the Missouri River crossing and evaluate alternative sites, which would not put the Tribe at risk of an oil spill. However, that environmental review would be circumvented under today’s Executive Memorandum, allowing the project to immediately resume construction.

❝ Trump’s press secretary said on Monday that Trump intended to approve the easement with an aim towards job creation. But tribal leaders note the bulk of pipeline jobs are in pipeline construction. The pipeline only creates a total of 15 permanent jobs in North Dakota. A reroute would protect the Tribe’s water and create hundreds of jobs, Chairman Dave Archambault II said.

Archambault said Trump’s decision appears to be a political payback. “By granting the easement, Trump is risking our treaty rights and water supply to benefit his wealthy contributors and friends at DAPL,” he said. “We are not opposed to energy independence. We are opposed to reckless and politically motivated development projects, like DAPL, that ignore our treaty rights and risk our water. Creating a second Flint does not make America great again.

Trump’s flexible racism has no problem treating Native Americans as criminally as he would treat Mexican immigrants. In his demented world, the right to profit supersedes any constitutional rights, all human rights.

Brazilian drug lord caught – hiding in African diplomat’s car boot

Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

Police captured Rio de Janeiro’s most wanted alleged drug trafficker…as they prepared to occupy the city’s largest slum.

Antonio Bonfim Lopes, alleged drug lord of the teeming Rocinha slum, was found in bizarre circumstances – in the boot of a car belonging to a man who claimed to be a senior diplomat from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

TV images showed the suspect, known as Nem, looking close to tears after his arrest.

There are diplomats with all their “respect” and power, immunity and hypocrisy, who would probably carry a thug like this to safety in their briefcase – if they could fit him inside. Along with the profits from their own crimes.

Berlusconi to resign after losing parliamentary majority – he says

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said on Tuesday he would resign after suffering a humiliating setback in parliament that showed a party revolt had stripped him of a majority.

Berlusconi confirmed a statement from President Giorgio Napolitano that he would step down as soon as parliament passed urgent budget reforms demanded by European leaders after Italy was sucked into epicenter of the euro zone debt crisis.

The votes in both houses of parliament are likely this month and they would spell the end of a 17-year dominance of Italy by the flamboyant billionaire media magnate…An ill-bred creep is more like it.

Berlusconi’s government won a key budget vote after the opposition abstained on Tuesday but failed to secure a majority, obtaining only 308 votes in the 630-seat lower house, eight short of the 316 needed to be sure of passing legislation.

Pier Luigi Bersani, the leader of the main opposition Democratic Party, said Italy ran a real risk of losing access to financial markets after political uncertainty pushed yields on government bonds toward a red line of 7 percent…

Berlusconi has been on the ropes for weeks, beset by a string of sex and legal scandals, political defeats and, most crucially, a loss of confidence on international markets.

But the 75-year-old, who has dominated Italian politics for most of the past two decades, had steadfastly refused to step down until Tuesday’s vote and battled until the last to win over rebels in his PDL party.

The vote showed he had failed to stem the revolt and Berlusconi’s bitterness was revealed by a photographer who caught the words “8 traitors” jotted down on his notepad in parliament after the result was read out by the speaker.

The news that Berlusconi had finally agreed to resign came after European markets closed but the euro jumped against the dollar and U.S. stocks edged up…

There is no agreement among political parties on either a national unity or technocratic government and Napolitano’s consultations may be difficult.

Berlusconi is now following his statements about resignation with “amendment A, section2” stacks of provisos which must meet his approval before he will actually resign.

Since he can’t be trusted out of sight of fourteen carabinieri with video cameras, I wouldn’t count on Italy being rid of his foolishness any time soon.

Coppers nab 87-year-old with 228 lbs of cocaine in his pickup

Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

An 87-year-old Indiana man was arraigned on drug charges in federal court in Detroit on Monday after police found 228 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $2.9 million in his pickup following a routine traffic stop.

A state trooper patrolling Interstate 94 near Ann Arbor pulled over Leo Earl Sharp on Friday for following too closely and executing an improper lane change, according to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

When the trooper asked Sharp if he could search the truck, the octogenarian refused. So the trooper requested a backup unit with a dog trained to detect bombs and illegal drugs.

…During a subsequent search of the truck bed, troopers found 104 bricks of cocaine stashed in five bags…

Sharp was charged with conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute cocaine. If convicted, he faces at least 10 years in prison.

This is beginning to give me an idea. Just as young punks often score a break on being convicted of a crime – “Don’t saddle this poor child with a lifetime of shame because of his first mistake” – I wonder if grayhead gangsters might start looking for special dispensation because of age?

“Judge – do you want this senior citizen to die in prison for just a little mistake?” I can hear it, now.

BTW – no mention of how a couple hundred pounds of blow got all the way up to Indiana? And only $10,000 bail for a dude trucking around almost $3,000,000 in drugs?

Berlusconi booed at event to mark united Italy

The public holiday saw joyful celebrations in cities such as Rome and Turin, but also further signs of how fractured the country still seems at times. Politicians in the wealthy north questioned whether workers and students should have been given the day off, while some in the south said they were tired of being regarded as second-class citizens.

Berlusconi’s government declared a one-off national holiday to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the day Victor Emanuel II became the first king of a united Italy following centuries of rivalry among city-states and foreign occupation along the peninsula…

State TV and the Italian news agency ANSA said Berlusconi was greeted with catcalls on the Janiculum Hill, where monuments and a museum honour efforts by Giuseppe Garibaldi and other Italian heroes top forge a united nation.

Berlusconi is due to stand trial in the coming weeks for allegedly paying an underage Moroccan teenager for sex and for using his position to try to cover up his relationship with her – charges he has consistently denied.

His three-year-old government suffered the defection of a major ally last year, and his most important coalition partner is now the Northern League, which once advocated the north’s secession from Rome. Several Northern League politicians criticised the declaration of a public holiday and others said they would keep town halls in the region open in defiance.

The 150th anniversary doesn’t mean a lot to my Italian grandma’s family. Their village in the Tirol was still under the heel of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Her family was forced to adopt Germanic family names. They weren’t able to become officially Italian again until the end of World War I.

By then, she was already in the United States, working as a housemaid and dating a young toolmaker from Mantua.

Slain gangster was spiritual leader of Mexican drug cartel

An alleged drug cartel boss killed in clashes with Mexican authorities was also a “spiritual leader” who used religion to recruit criminals and strengthen his stronghold, according to a Mexican government report.

Nazario Moreno Gonzalez dubbed himself the “savior of the people” and crafted the violent La Familia Michoacana cartel’s philosophy, outlined in a “bible” provided to new recruits, a profile released Friday by the office of Mexico’s president says.

“Moreno started as a migrant in California, continued trafficking marijuana on the border and became the leader of one of the most violent criminal organizations in the history of Mexico,” the report says.

La Familia began its operations in the state of Michoacan at the beginning of the decade, the country’s national security spokesman told reporters Friday. But it grabbed national attention in 2006, after reportedly hurling five decapitated heads of rival gang members onto a dance floor.

Local media described a message found at the gruesome scene: “La Familia does not kill for money, does not kill women, does not kill innocents. The only ones who die are those who must die. Everyone should know: this is divine justice.”

Mexican authorities said Moreno’s tenure as one of the cartel’s leaders ended Thursday, when he was gunned down after two days of shootouts between authorities and suspected members of the organization he founded…

The Mexican government’s profile of Moreno describes him as one of the drug traffickers “with the most economic power and support from police organizations.”

Another day in the life of free and democratic Mexico. Illustrating – once again – that corruption, crime and violence are not limited to nations absent the verities of Judeo-Christian libertarianism.

Praying a lot doesn’t mean you’re not a crook.