Google Insight offers a new tool for a deeper look into searches

Google is giving everyone a chance to peek deeper into its database of search requests and discover the things that preoccupy individuals and, in aggregate, entire cities, regions or nations, at any one time.

The company is introducing a free service called Insights for Search. The tool is intended for marketers, but it allows anyone to track the popularity of various words and phrases that people type into Google’s search box.

The service is an extension of Google Trends, a two-year-old service that, for instance, reveals that Cisco’s stock price and Michael Lockwood, the husband of Lisa Marie Presley, were two of the most-searched terms on Tuesday afternoon.

The collection of search queries that people type into Google has been called a “database of intentions” since it is a window into what people are interested in and, sometimes, what they are interested in buying.
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