Read it and weep 2…even crocodile tears count

” The stunningly consequential accusation spelled out in the Democrats’ impeachment report represents the most sweeping effort yet to capture the span of President Donald Trump’s alleged offense and to boil it into a crisp indictment.

In effect, the 300-page House Intelligence Committee summary of witness testimony, timelines and phone records accused Trump of perpetrating one of the most serious political crimes in the history of the United States.

The report is a roadmap toward formal articles of impeachment — an argument to a nation split in two on Trump’s political fate that there is no alternative but to remove him from office 11 months before the next general election over his pressure on Ukraine for political favors.

Good riddance to this rubbish fake president!

Republican Party being purged of dissidents before 2020 Primary


❝ Despite having more than $100 million tucked away and virtually no viable Republican opponent in sight, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is taking no chances…Associated Press reported that the Trump campaign is culling its ranks down to the state and county levels, ensuring that only Trump loyalists will become delegates at the Republican National Convention…“We have a constant focus on tracking everything regarding this process,” Bill Stepien…told the A.P. “Who’s running, what their level of support for the president is, and what their vote counts are.”

❝ In practice, this operation is designed to prevent the messy drama of 2016, when anti-Trump delegates tried to stop Trump from winning the nomination…It is, in Stepien’s words, a “process of ensuring that the national convention is a television commercial for the president for an audience of 300 million, and not an internal fight.”

I presume you’ve already figured out that’s also how the Fake President prefers to run the country. With the aid of Mitch McConnell and Republican Senators, it’s a done deal unless enough obedient GOP puppets are voted out of office.