Couple of quick iPhotos

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1st walk, this morning, I grab a quick snap of this bunny out front. Didn’t even notice the bull snake till I went to crop and edit. Don’t see many out towards the road. We figure he’s new. Then…

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Ready to step out the door for another walk after our morning coffee break, look who’s cruising by the doorstep! Damned near came in the dog door. Still looking for a place to settle, I guess.

First signs of spring

First vultures returned from Mexico and down state, last week. First cattle egret over the weekend. Trees are leafing out, buds starting to blossom on the crabapple in the front yard.

Always important to life in our meadow, saw the first gopher snake, yesterday. Shiny from just shedding his skin. 3-4 feet long.

The photo isn’t the greatest – a single frame yanked from a not-too-great spur of the moment piece of video with my pocket camera. But, nice to see everyone is waking up from winter.