Business Insider financial TV survey

The findings are in.

Over 2,600 people responded to Business Insider’s survey on financial TV, and question after question Bloomberg TV beat out CNBC and Fox Business News as the preferred channel among those polled.

It’s a fierce debate in financial circles. CNBC has consistently claimed the top spot, but Bloomberg TV isn’t tracked by Nielsen, the ratings pollster, so the true favorite among financial professionals and business news consumers has been unclear.

So Business Insider decided to ask its own readers.

Respondents answered questions about everything from their favorite anchors, to Maria Bartiromo’s recent move to Fox Business News. They gave their opinion on which network has the best tech coverage and their favorite morning show…

But there was one crucial question that sums up the entire network battle. Bloomberg TV and CNBC are in a dead heat over who has the best guests.

If Bloomberg TV edged ahead in that department, who knows what would happen.

Even when the same guests appear on both Bloomberg TV and CNBC there’s no question where I would be watching. The politics, sociology, economics understanding and just plain old-fashioned humanity that manages to thread through the market blather puts Bloomberg lightyears ahead of the let’s-pretend-to-tolerate-working-people ethos of the competition.

I got stuck into watching Bloomberg TV behind the dearth of real news reporting from the news-as-entertainment crowd that dominates American television. There’s a bit more than that involved; but, only a sidebar to the point of this Business Insider article. You have to understand that economics grounds everything.

CNBC is dominated by ethically shriveled reactionaries like Kudlow – who provided the acronym RINO to denigrate traditional Republicans with the rise of neocon schmucks like Cheney, Bush and Wolfowitz. Fox isn’t worth recognizing as anything more than a precursor to fascism. I removed both from my DirecTV Guide.

I’ve now added AlJazeera America and the new CCTVN. We have real global news sources back again. But, the article and discussion is about financial news channels – and the fact that Bloomberg does a decent job at the broader task is simply an added benefit.

Thanks to my favorite Recovering Republican for pointing out this article.

Turkish holiday hotel fires philandering male staff

A small hotel on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast has fired all its male employees for repeatedly having affairs with foreign female guests. Pelin Yucel, manager of Image Hotel in Marmaris, said her 27-room hotel now only employs female staff. Most of the guests are British and Russian tourists, she said.

We had been facing the same problem every year but after the last incident we decided to run the hotel by only female staff,” she told Reuters by phone.

“The last straw was when I saw our bartender, who was a very decent man, walk out of the bathroom with a British tourist.”

Around 20 million tourists visited Turkey last year, many of them drawn by its sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

And something a bit more energetic than wading, apparently.