Right to Die bill killed in Connecticut legislative committee

Rep. Betsy Ritter, D-Waterford, testifying in favor of the compassion in dying bill

A bill that would have allowed mentally-competent, terminally-ill patients the right to choose to request a prescription for medication from their doctors to bring about a humane and dignified death died in committee on April 5.

House Bill 6645 ‘An Act Concerning Compassionate Aid in Dying for Terminally Ill Patients’ would have allowed compassionate aid in dying, supporters say, and given Connecticut residents the freedom to make their own end-of-life choices, rather than placing the burden on others…

Legislators removed it from the agenda on Friday to avoid lengthy discussion or filibuster that could jeopardize other vital bills on the day of the committee’s deadline…

Nearly 100 supporters of the bill packed a public hearing on March 20th, many staying late into the night and early morning hours to deliver testimony.

People who suffer at the end of life need legal and compassionate options,” Reverend Douglas Peary of East Haven, said. “I support this bill because individuals and their families need the freedom to choose what is right.”

The same legislature which moved to take a leading role in the battle against gun violence, unwarranted death and destruction of human life – did not have to confront the question of terminally-ill individuals choosing to end their own lives with the aid of a physician.

Such is modern politics – even in a supposedly enlightened state.

When will it end? 20 children, 6 adults, shot down in an elementary school!

Allison Joyce

CBS News is reporting that 27 people including numerous children have been killed along with the gunman after a shooting inside a school in Newtown Friday morning.

The scene is being called ‘atrocious’ inside Sandy Hook Elementary School…

According to CBS News, the gunman, who is believed to be 18 to 20 years old, got into an argument with people at the front office at about 9:41 a.m. People have to be buzzed in before entering the school and there is a camera to view whoever is entering the building.

State police said this is one of the worst shootings emergency officials have seen in a long time.

The children inside the school have been evacuated to the nearby Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department and reunited with some of their parents at this staging area.

Connecticut has called surrounding states for more medical examiners because they do not have enough to conduct autopsies.

Standing up for good sense, for regulation, for simple procedures to manage access to firearms is long overdue.

I’ve been a gun owner for years and still am – both handguns and long guns. There is no problem passing through a procedure which at a minimum evaluates a purchaser for criminal background, for mental instability, for being a danger to society. That doesn’t take a lot of data mining.

I absolutely reject all the stupid political rationales for existing loopholes, the silliness that guarantees profits before the lives of innocent people. It’s time for ordinary citizens to reject the fanatics who make unregulated gun ownership a religion.

It’s time, now.