Trump paid $13.6 million so far to recruit thousands of Border Patrol agents — they’ve hired 2

Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

The Trump administration paid $13.6 million this year to a private company that increased Border Patrol staffing by just two agents, according to a new federal watchdog report.

Customs and Border Protection hired Accenture to hire and recruit 7,500 agents within the next five years. But just 10 months into the contract, only two accepted job offers have been processed, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General…

Accenture, a global management consulting company headquartered in Ireland, was awarded a $297 million contract to achieve the hiring goal…But the report said $13.6 million has been spent in the last 10 months, and CBP “risks wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on a hastily approved contract that is not meeting its proposed performance expectations.”

Sounds like they perfectly match the standards we’ve come to expect from the Fake President and what’s rapidly become the Fake Republican Party.

Catch thieves from your couch and win cash

Just think – this could be your living room

Anyone who owns a laptop computer can now fight crime from the safety of their home and win cash prizes for catching thieves red-handed, under a new British monitoring scheme that went live this week.

The service works by employing an army of registered armchair snoopers who watch hours of CCTV footage from cameras in stores and high street venues across the country.

Viewers can win up to 1,000 pounds in cash a month from Devon-based firm Internet Eyes, which distributes the streaming footage, when offenders are caught in the act…

Participants, who pay a fee to subscribe, press an “alert” button which relays an instant text message notifying a shop keeper of suspicious behavior. The SMS is followed up with a photographic image of the potential crime…

“The problem with CCTV is that while cameras are practically everywhere, there’s hardly anyone watching them in real time,” Tony Morgan said. “Most people know this, so CCTV is no longer the deterrent it used to be, and crime is rising…”

The government’s Information Commissioner’s Office says the firm is being made to comply with data protection laws and has also insisted on background checks on viewers employed by the site…

The director of…Big Brother Watch said it was a worrying development akin to “pimping out” CCTV images to amateur bounty hunters and should be switched off…

“Whatever one thinks of our surveillance culture, we can all agree that the technology is better off in the hands of trained, accountable professionals rather than voyeurs.”

Since I live in a part of the world that offers reality TV shows to bounty hunters, I think I’d fit in just fine.

The article says nothing about turning away voyeurs in New Mexico, USA.

Mom and daughter looking for a hit man – to collect insurance


Kenneth Hughes was at work early Monday when detectives asked him to come to Dallas police headquarters and answer some questions: Did he and his wife and daughter have trouble getting along? Were there problems within the family?

Hughes, 57, says that he told them no. Afterward he learned what the questions were about. Officers were arresting his wife of 33 years and their daughter, who they said had tried to hire someone to kill him.

Tammie Lafawne Lewis, 31, and her mother, Shirley Bilbrey Hughes, 56, were booked into the Dallas County Jail about 10 a.m. Each is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail and faces charges of solicitation to commit capital murder. Police say they planned to collect on Kenneth Hughes’ life insurance policy…

Hughes said he got along well with his wife, who looks after infants at a child-care center.

She’s the best-natured woman you’d ever see,” he said. “She gets along with everybody. We very seldom ever argue…”

For years, Hughes has worked as a dispatcher for a waste company. He has a $200,000 life insurance policy and $200,000 more in accident insurance, he said. “She knew I had it,” he said of his wife. “We have to renew it once a year.”

Like everyone who finds out they’ve been living next door to an axe murderer, lots of folks simply can’t believe it’s true. Yup.

Hire sniffer dogs to check out your kids!

Uh, what’s that in your sock drawer?

Retired sniffer dogs that have spent years on police patrol are now working in the private sector in the US – sniffing out teenagers’ bedrooms. Parents can rent a dog and handler for $200 an hour from Sniff Dogs, a firm operating in New Jersey and Ohio…

The company says the animals can smell marijuana from up to 15 feet away and residue on clothing from drugs smoked two days earlier.

The dogs sit when they detect the drugs but they leave the final inspection to the parents.

Pat Winterstein from Washington, New Jersey decided to use the service to search the bedrooms of her three children.

“I trust my kids, but you only can trust them so far.”

Great. Truly positive communications between parent and child.