Lesbian couple harassed by Honolulu copper get damages settlement

A lesbian couple who say a policeman in Honolulu, Hawaii, harassed and wrongfully arrested them after seeing them kiss have been awarded damages.

The $80,000 settlement was announced in a local court, but still needs city council approval.

Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero say they were told to “take it somewhere else” when the policeman saw them kissing in a food store.

They later spent three days in jail after scuffling with the officer.

Honolulu City Council will consider the damages in early July. Donna Leong, of the city’s Corporation Counsel, which advises on legal matters, said her department believed “the tentative settlement is in the best interests of the city”.

Ms Wilson and Ms Guerrero were visiting from Los Angeles when the incident occurred last year…

The charges were later dismissed and Mr Harrison has since retired.

The women were a couple at the time but have now split up. Ms Guerrero still lives in Hawaii, saying she likes living in the US state.

The two are still friends and will split the settlement. It could have been a lot more – and the city of Honolulu has a lot to answer for. To start, the officer in charge of the shift when Harrison brought them in should have questioned the validity of the whole event when learning how this happened.

The cop is a bigot and an idiot. If you have a half-decent police department you have people in charge who might put up with some stupidity; but, not crap that gets the city sued. Harassing folks for kissing in a grocery store is dumb as a hoe handle.

Hawaii coppers fail at exemption allowing sex with prostitutes

Hawaii lawmakers in both chambers agree that legal permission for police to have sex with prostitutes should end.
House and senate members are still negotiating on the version of House Bill 1926 they will send to the governor. But they concur that the crime bill should revoke a peculiar exemption that permits police in Hawaii, in the course of their duties, to have sex with prostitutes.

The bill began in the house and was amended as it passed out of that chamber’s judicial committee. At the time, Honolulu police told lawmakers that vice-officers needed the exemption in law to prevent pimps and prostitutes from knowing the limits of police methods.

The Associated Press wrote about the successful police lobbying against removing the sex exemption after the bill passed the house. When the senate judiciary committee took up the bill, lawmakers revised it again to reflect the backlash against the exemption, with many expressing strong convictions that police should not have the legal ability to bed prostitutes.

Honolulu police, while assuring the public that their internal policies prevent such abuse, dropped their opposition to removing the exemption.

Nice try, guys. You realize you’ve probably set an example for Congress to try the same stunt.

Pic of the Day

Pearl Harbor survivor Stan Swartz bows his head after the national anthem at the 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor at the WW II Valor in the Pacific National Monument in Honolulu, Hawaii December 7, 2012.

Let us remember absent friends.

TSA screeners fired for putting inspection notices in bags they didn’t inspect

Simplified Homeland Security luggage handling system

Which would bother you more?

1) Finding a notice in your luggage saying it was searched by federal authorities? Or, 2) Finding an inspection notice, but learning that no one had actually bothered to search it?

It was the second scenario that led to last year’s firing of 36 Transportation Security Administration screeners at Honolulu International Airport.

The Department of Homeland Security’s independent inspector general announced Tuesday that a whistle-blower triggered investigations when he came forward with video showing some TSA officers skirting procedures.

“Among other things, the (video showed screeners) opening bags, placing notices of inspection inside and transporting them back to the airline without screening them,” read a report from the inspector general.

Thousands of bags went on commercial jets unscreened, risking the safety of the traveling public, the report said…

How much of the world spends as much money as we do on federally-mandated paranoia – and do they get results as mediocre?

I don’t doubt in the least we pay top dollar for bureaucrats to oversee the process. Then, we seem to use the funds for staff that handles required tasks – to peform make-work solutions for school dropouts.

Pregnant mom and hubby jailed – 3-year-old daughter taken away – over stolen sandwiches

Zophia and Nicole

A pregnant woman and her husband were arrested for allegedly stealing two sandwiches at a supermarket in Honolulu, resulting in their 3-year-old daughter being put into state care for 18 hours, officials said on Saturday.

The supermarket that called the police was a Safeway in Makiki, a neighborhood in Honolulu. “From our preliminary investigation, it appears we may not have handled this matter in the best possible way. We are taking this situation seriously, and giving it our full attention,” Safeway said in a statement.

Do you think?

Famished mother Nicole Leczcyzynski, 30-weeks pregnant, was feeling faint and noshed on a chicken salad sandwich while shopping at the store on Wednesday, Leczcyzynski said in an interview with local television station KHON.

She paid for roughly $50 dollars worth of groceries but forgot about the two sandwiches, valued at $5 each, according to Safeway.

The family was stopped by security staff while leaving the store. Leczcyzynski offered to pay for the sandwiches, she said, but the security guard called the police, the couple were arrested, and their daughter was taken into custody by Child Protective Services…

Both Leczcyzynski, and her husband, Marcin, were charged with theft, Honolulu police said. Bail was set at $50 apiece.

When did Hawaii become one of the Confederate states?