Evangelical minister/herbal doctor convicted of fraud

A San Fernando Valley doctor and evangelical minister who federal prosecutors said used bogus herbal medications to offer false hope to dozens of people suffering from diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s was found guilty of nearly a dozen federal charges.

Twenty-eight victims or family members of victims who died while taking the products testified against Christine Daniel, 57, who was found guilty Tuesday on four counts of mail and wire fraud, six counts of tax evasion related to income tax filings as well as one count of witness tampering…

Federal prosecutors successfully argued that Daniel leveraged her position of trust among evangelical Christians and through a program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network to push the phony treatments, which were marketed under the names C-Extract, “the natural treatment” and “the herbal treatment.”

Some of the medications, prosecutors said, contained nothing more exotic than sunscreen preservatives and beef extract…

These are some of the most vulnerable victims in society. Most of these victims were dying, most of them were terminal cancer patients. Most of them only had been given a few months to live. Some had small children,” Assistant U.S. Atty. Joseph Johns said.

Daniel “stepped into the breach and took everything they had, including their time. Instead of spending their final days with their families, they spent it some flea-ridden motel drinking her foul treatment,” Johns said.

Preying upon the terminally-ill, taking every last penny from someone desperate to live, desperate enough to reach out beyond the limits of proven treatment – is about as despicable as a criminal can be.

Throw away the key!

What will John McCain prove, today?

Anyone remember this?

1. Conservatives, Tea Party nutballs and even moderate Republicans mostly like the same lies. It doesn’t matter if they are lies. What the lies are may count a little bit – but, when it comes to cant and catechism, repeating today’s favorite lies gets you the votes.

2. When opposed for re-election by right-wingers, move as far to the Right as you can get away with. And, then, a little bit more. Don’t leave out bigotry. Everyone will forget you ever had a moderating position on any issue if you lie and say those positions never existed.

3. Deny you ever were a ‘maverick” – supported bi-partisan solutions to tough questions – ever strayed from bible-based hogwash on any of the issues where you might choose science and reason over superstition.

4. Doing all this gets you victory in today’s Republican primary in the great state of Arizona.

Priest really knows how to manage a charity – for himself

How to visit your parishioners in a real hurry!

A Catholic priest who drove a Ferrari, kept mistresses and siphoned off more than £2 million of charity donations has been jailed for fraud in France.

Father Antoine Videau, 64, received a three-year prison sentence for crimes that led to him being known as the “Playboy Padre”. He was revealed to have been in possession of 28 bank accounts around the world following his arrest.

Much of the money was being used to fund his multi-millionaire lifestyle which included regular visits to casinos in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo…

Father Videau, who was arrested in 2005 while parish priest in Calacuccia, Corsica, had denied fraud and abuse of confidence.

His crimes also included hiring out nunneries for social events, and then using the profits to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

He appointed himself executor of the half-a-million pounds estate of a deceased archbishop, making sure that everything went to him.

Meanwhile, Father Videau set up home with a young woman in La Ciotat, in the Bouches-du-Rhône area of France, making sure that nobody back in Corsica got to hear about her.

Is there any significant difference between this particular hustler and any other religion pimp?

He used the money for a hustlers’ lifestyle, fast cars and bimbos. The only difference with our all-American favorites is that they take out a certain amount of time to support reactionary politics.

He only did enough of that to stay in touch with the Vatican.

Family values Republican resigns over sex with staffer

Indiana Republican Congressman Mark Souder, a staunch family values conservative who was elected as part of the Republican Revolution of 1994…is resigning his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives amid an affair…member of his staff…

I sinned against my God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part time member of my staff,” Souder added. “I am so shamed to have hurt those I love.”

He waited until he won the Republican primary a few weeks ago…before he announced his resignation.

Souder’s resignation, which was first reported by Fox News, was trumpeted Tuesday morning in an “in case you missed it” e-mail from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Democratic officials acknowledge, however, that Souder’s resignation will not improve their chances of carrying this solidly Republican district.

May as well acknowledge that Republicans are accustomed to voting for hypocrites who hustle the nut ball family values-vote as a matter of practice.

Dating site hustler stole $1 million without a single date

Prosecutors say a 65-year-old British Columbia man ran dating Web sites targeting Americans that took in more than $1 million but never provided a dating match.

Investigators said Barrie Turner, of Delta, B.C., operated 200 Web sites, some in business since 2005, that scammed clients with fees as high as $997 for a six-month membership and the promise of two to seven introductions a month, The Seattle Times reported.

Turner was arrested Friday after crossing the border into the United States to pick up mail at a post-office box in Point Roberts, Wash..

He created fake profiles of “eligible” singles and sent them to customers of his sites as potential matches, court papers said. Customers who responded would get e-mailed responses from fictitious potential matches saying say they’re no longer available, prosecutors say.

The investigation has not yet identified any customers who received the services advertised,” said Emily Langlie, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The sites included Executive Jewish Dating, Executive Catholic Dating, Executive Gay Dating and Executive dating sites for U.S. cities and interests.

Ain’t nothing like feeling you’re special.

Psychic didn’t foresee her arrest as scam artist – again

“Rub your body with an egg to cure ovarian cancer!”

Time was short, the psychic told her client. To keep her father from suffering a fatal heart attack, the client had to act fast.

So she did. The client went to the Aventura Mall and opened accounts in several stores, using the credit to buy thousands of dollars in gift cards, which she then turned over to the psychic.

It worked. The heart attack never came.

But the arrest did. Professed psychic Gina Marie Marks is in trouble with the law again, this time facing charges she swindled a former Coconut Grove woman out of nearly $300,000 in cash, gift cards, jewelry and other merchandise, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said…

According to the arrest warrant, Marks duped her victim into forking over large amounts of cash and performing strange rituals that made the gift card spending spree seem reasonable.

At one point, the client was allegedly asked to rub gel over her body, wrap herself in cellophane and go for a six-mile jog. That was in September 2008, according to a private detective later hired by the victim’s family. The woman went for the jog while wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, said the detective, Bob Nygaard.

The Sheriff’s Office described the victim as being in a “fragile mental state,” but Nygaard said that was the result of her interaction with Marks. Nygaard, who has investigated allegations against Marks before, said the victim was manipulated and conned into giving Marks money so that Marks could “cleanse” it and return it to her.

The money was never returned, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Oh, and Marks is also busted for violating probation.

The balancing act between lifetime sentences and execution for poor and non-white [or both] offenders and “thoughtful” rehabilitating probation for some blonde bimbo is symptomatic of a “justice system” not worthy of either word.

Fugitive financier keeps scams rolling while on the run

His laptop is his office

Indicted investment manager Eric Bartoli, on the run for 10 years, is accused of cheating a new group of investors out of millions of dollars — in part because federal authorities have failed to bring him to trial on earlier charges of scamming retirees in Northeast Ohio.

Since he was last seen here, Bartoli has moved through six states, Europe and Central and South America. He has lived in Peru since late 2000, and the federal government has known it since at least 2001, according to federal court documents, documents from Peruvian financial authorities, interviews and correspondence obtained by The Plain Dealer.

While a fugitive, Bartoli has become a Peruvian citizen, working as an investment adviser, Internet finance pundit and occasional land developer.

American investors allege that Bartoli enticed them into apparently nonexistent stocks in Peruvian gold and silver. They say it would not have happened if the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had shared information with them about Bartoli. They also accuse the Justice Department of failing to extradite Bartoli to answer the earlier charges.

John Siegel, assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, declined to comment about whether his office is trying to extradite Bartoli from Peru on the criminal charges filed in 2003.

Teresa Verges, an SEC official who investigated an earlier civil case against Bartoli, said she knows about the new allegations, but she declined to give details…

SEC spokesman Kevin Callahan…said information — even details like Bartoli’s criminal history and fugitive status — cannot be shared with Americans on the SEC Web site. An agency rule prohibits making information about investigations public, unless the details come from a court or an administrative proceeding.

Perish the thought our government should harm the reputation of a crook in the pursuit of protecting honest American citizens.

RTFA. Long, intricate tale of woe – occasionally punctuated by incidents of government incompetence.