Just sayin’

Like pretty much everyone in my family, I’ve been a gun owner since I reached legal age. Coming from Bridgeport, I had kin who worked their whole lives at Remington Arms. Looking around, right now, prolly have 3 or 4 handguns in one drawer or another, + glove compartment in my pickup.

Never a fan of hunting; so, the long gun in the house is a “Defender” badass shotgun I acquired when I lived in a tough urban situation. Never did need it, yet.

My fave is a Ruger .22 bull barrel target pistol. Still a pretty good shot for a righthanded looney with a dominant left eye.

And, YES, I would support the strictest regulations in the world if we could keep down these demented dullards who believe mass shootings are the way to go out in a blaze of glory. They deserve to drown in a barrel of soft wet shit.

22% of Americans likely believe being anti-vax is way cool…

The study involved surveying more than 1,000 demographically representative participants and revealed that 22 percent of Americans always (8 percent) or sometimes (14 percent) self-identify as anti-vaxxers, and that those who do tend to embrace the label as a form of social identity. Timothy Callaghan, PhD, also found that participants who scored highly on the anti-vaccine identity measure were less trusting of scientific experts and more individualistic. Additionally, study results show that there is increased opposition to childhood vaccine requirements among those who self-identify as anti-vaxxers.

“We found these results both surprising and concerning,” Callaghan said. “The fact that 22 percent of Americans at least sometimes identify as anti-vaxxers was much higher than expected and demonstrates the scope of the challenge in vaccinating the population against COVID-19 and other vaccine-preventable diseases.”…

Of course, not all individuals who are skeptical of vaccine safety embrace the anti-vaccine label as a form of social identity. Nevertheless, Callaghan’s study suggests that a significant portion of the American public associates with the anti-vaxx label at least some of the time, with many viewing that label as an important part of their social identity.

I’d start a comparable investigation by determining how many are ill-educated and ignorant…and how many are just dumb as a hoe handle.

We’re number 1, we’re number 1…

LA Times

The United States set a new all-time high for coronavirus cases confirmed in a single 24-hour period on Friday, reporting just over 100,000 new infections to surpass the record total of 91,000 posted a day earlier, according to a Reuters tally.

The daily caseload of 100,233 is also a world record for the global pandemic, surpassing the 97,894 cases reported by India on a single day in September.

Five times over past ten days, the United States has exceeded its previous single-day record of 77,299 cases registered in July. The number of daily infections reported during past two days indicates that the nation is now reporting more than one new case every second.

The spike comes just four days ahead of the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed nearly 230,000 people in the United States, has dominated the final stretch of the campaign.

Idjits who don’t accept the lead of science, the importance of scientific development of healthcare – are doomed to an early death compared to peers with common sense. The shame of it is that all too often they may be the decision-makers for a family. Dooming their spouse and children as well.

Nutballs burn cell towers in UK

A conspiracy theory that claims that 5G internet is behind the coronavirus outbreak has led to arson attacks on more than 70 cell phone towers in the UK.

The conspiracy theory began to gain traction in the UK in late March and early April, coinciding with the rising number of cases in the country and its nationwide lockdown. Conspiracies around phone signals have existed for years, however…

Mobile UK told Business Insider on Wednesday that the number has now risen to 77, and that the rate of attacks was thankfully slowing. “Daily attacks are very low now but have not stopped entirely”…

Idjits everywhere in the world are united by a common bond of stupid, often dangerous, acts of violence, mostly because their pea-brains comprehend no science…though the vacant space is often filled with superstition and fear.

Thanks, Nick